The Baby-Sitters Club is a comedy-drama TV series created by Rachel Shukert. The show is based on Ann M. Martin's children's novel series of the same name.

The series revolves around five middle-schoolers and their friendship and adventures as they begin their own babysitting business in Connecticut. 

It premiered on Netflix on July 3, 2020, followed by a second season on October 11, 2021. The critically acclaimed show has an ensemble of talented cast members who make the show worth watching. 

One such actress is Malia Baker. She plays the role of Mary Ann Spier, a shy secretary of the babysitting business. Here is everything we know about Baker.  

Malia Baker and Activism

Baker is very enthusiastic about activism and advocates for issues she cares about. The passion blossomed inside her after she was a victim of racism when she was young. 

In an interview with Seventeen, the actress talked about activism and the issues she speaks up for. There are many things Baker is interested in, but the one she speaks up for the most is everything related to women. 

She primarily advocates for young girls who face "horrific cultural norms" and do not have the chance to speak up for themselves. The actress understands she had the privilege of using her voice, so now, she wants to provide it to the underprivileged ones. 

There is not one place in the world where women are equal in all aspects of life, and that sentiment in itself should tell you so much about our world and why there is a need for change.

Baker told the magazine that she wants to see a day where there is no gender-based violence and woman can live their life with no fear. But, addressing the stereotype, she said that women are still forced to keep themselves safe rather than men being aware not to harass women. 

Baker wants to fight for this change no matter what so that a young girl won't be afraid to walk down a street by herself. She also pointed out that racism plays an active role in discrimination. 

This is because Black, Indigenous, trans women, and Women of Colour are usually the victims of discrimination than others. Moreover, Baker is also passionate about climate change issues and raises awareness whenever she can. 

She usually uses her social media to speak up on these issues. For example, she and her mother opened an Instagram page, @hastagsand, where they make their fans and followers aware of the pressing problems in the world. 


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However, she is not just limited to that and does everything she can in real life. Alongside sharing petitions and sending emails, Baker also gives speeches at organizations if given a chance to.

To date, the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, GirlUp, and Zahara's Dreams are some organizations that have helped the actress raise awareness. 

Baker's primary inspirations are Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, who motivates her to advocate. Like them, Baker also wants to inspire other people and make them speak up for things. 

Malia Baker and Her Hair

Being a Black woman, the actress did not see herself represented on the screens when she was a child. However, now she is playing the role of a biracial girl relatable to young girls who watch The Baby-Sitters Club.  


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She talked with Fashionista about Spier and herself, where she shared a story about herself when she was young. She always wore her hair long as a child, but she felt pretty rebellious in third grade. 

As a result, she cut her hair "crazy short." She cut it up to her ears and had a little mini-fro, which she absolutely adored. Baker did not know how to style her clothes properly, so she expressed herself via hair. 

Sometimes she put it in high buns, and sometimes she cut bangs. She has come a long way from being a third-grader, but still, she is attached to her hair and always finds fun things to do with it.  

Other Facts about Malia Baker

Baker had her breakthrough role as Spier in The Baby-Sitters Club. Before the Netflix show, she starred in A Million Little Things, The Flash, the TV movie, Hope at Christmas, and Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark. 

Baker is not only an excellent actress but also knows how to play the piano. She learned to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

Baker's first kiss was in front of the cameras, not just the show's but also her mom's since she was taping the entire thing. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Baker joked she went through puberty on The Baby-Sitters Club

This included new friendships, teenage hormones, and, of course, first kiss. Baker kissed Rian McCririck, who plays her character's boyfriend, Logan. Coincidentally, it was McCririck's first kiss as well. 

She told Refinery29 that the scene was "pretty nerve-wracking, but it ended up being totally fine."