Malcolm Jenkins once had a happy marriage with ex wife, Morrisa Jenkins. They had two daughters to show for it.

But things started going south after around six years of their marriage. After two years with the issues, they went their separate ways.

Malcolm has never really talked about why he separated from his ex wife. However, Morrisa had said a few words when she was at the end of her rope.

Why Did Malcolm Jenkins and Ex Wife Morrisa Jenkins Split?

In July 2019, Morrisa took to her now-deleted Instagram page to pen a few sentences regarding her separation from Malcolm.

Talking about the day she got married to Malcolm — July 15, 2011 — she said that the date had held much importance to her for six years. She had celebrated the day with pride and happiness for those years.

But, when she looked back at the date at the time of her writing, it was no longer that.

Instead, it had become a day to reflect on the lessons she had learned during their time together.

Since their marriage had taken a turn for the worse in the previous two years, she had conversations with her younger self and solved childhood issues. And while the separation hurt, she believed she was healing.

Morrisa had thought she was "buried" when she had just been given a new beginning in life. "When I thought I was losing my mind, God gave me Vision," she wrote in her post.

Malcolm's ex wife realized that even though it was a difficult time for her, and by extension both of them, it was necessary for her growth and betterment.

Another realization she had was about how she thought she could never overcome what had happened in her life, pointing to her divorce.

Nevertheless, she believed she had transcended everything thrown her way and moved forward.

"What I've learned is that there is no healing in secrecy," Morrisa wrote. She talked about how she was choosing to stay private while starting a new relationship with her now ex husband — a relationship as co-parents.

Malcolm Jenkins' Ex wife Morrisa Jenkins' post about divorce from 2019.

Malcolm Jenkins' Ex wife Morrisa Jenkins' post about divorce from 2019. (Photo: BSO)

Morissa revealed that she and Malcolm were focused on giving the best life to their daughters, whom she called "beautiful souls."

As she ended the post, she asserted she had chosen freedom — "Be Free. Choose freedom."

Malcolm Jenkins' Family with Ex Wife

Macom and Morrisa first met one another in 2008 in college. They talked through Facebook for over six months and developed a good friendship over the next year.

Their friendship started becoming something more after his draft into the NFL in 2009. New Orleans Saints drafted him, and he moved to New Orleans.

Morrisa was from Mississippi. So, their visits with one another became frequent, and on February 12, 2010, he asked her out. She agreed, and thus their relationship began.

On February 12, 2011, Malcolm proposed to Morrisa with the help of a special visitor — their puppy, Roxy.

Then came their wedding, on July 15, 2011, which was a simple, intimate ceremony.

The former couple had their first daughter, Elle, on December 10, 2013.

And their second kid, Selah Nola, arrived in early January 2018.

The daughters now share time between their parents but seem to be mostly with their mother.