On February 8, 2022, TikTok star Madi Monroe confirmed she was in a relationship with Nick Machat after sharing their photos on Instagram. 

The couple was snapped at a beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in their beach wear. 

A week later, on Valentine’s Day, Monroe took to Instagram story and posted an intimate picture with Machat calling him “my Valentine.”

After that, she kept her love life private and shared little with her followers, but that changed on June 6, 2022. 

Madi Monroe Called Out Bella Laborde on Instagram

Monroe took to Instagram story on June 6 to expose a girl named bella_laborde on Instagram, calling her out for hitting on her man. 

She shared a screenshot of the girl’s Instagram feed and noted she was tired of these girls.

“Maybe don’t be a thot, and you would not have these problems, babe [kiss emoji],” she added. 

In the next story, she uploaded another photo and wrote that it was crazy that she even had to deal with girls trying to mess with her boyfriend when they knew very well who she was. 

“You are gross. Get some self-respect,” wrote Monroe. After that, she uploaded a screenshot of a text message sent by Bella to her boyfriend. 

Madi Monroe called out Bella on Instagram for hitting on her boyfriend, Nick Machat

Madi Monroe called out Bella on Instagram for hitting on her boyfriend, Nick Machat. (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

The TikTok star had redacted Machat’s reply and only shown what Bella had texted.

According to the messages, Bella seemed to disregard that Monroe was Machat’s girlfriend and blatantly hit on him

Monroe also had the text overlay saying, “why are you saying these things, weirdo?”

Bella Laborde Responded to Madi Monroe

The original TikTokroom screen grabbed these IG stories and reshared them on their Instagram. 

Unfortunately, many netizens suspected her boyfriend had probably cheated on her and noted that Monroe was the one out of line for blaming Bella.

“She blocked it out cause she knows her man entertaining her,” wrote one user. 

Another user commented, “Lmao. Her man is not even loyal. Talking to other girls while dating??? Lmao. And why would u response to a girl who is clearly trying to flirt when u are not even single, lmao. Embarrassing.”

A few hours after The original TikTokroom’s post of Monroe’s Instagram story went live, Bella responded to the TikTok star’s accusation. 

“Once the full screenshots are out and the real story hits, they are all going to look real [expletive] stupid, to say the least,” replied Bella.

So far, Monroe has not responded, but she took to her Instagram story on June 7, 2022, to clarify her previous Instagram story. 

The TikToker explained that when she wrote, “you know damn well who I am.” she was not trying to be cocky but meant to say that even though Bella knew who she was, she still tried to hang out with Machat. 

Based on Bella’s reply, it looks like there is more to the story than what meets the eye.