It seemed like a long time coming and now it has finally happened!

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are engaged!

The couple has agreed to get married and did so in SOME fashion. There were some lovely irregularities, and some eyebrow-raising moments as well.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Brought Romance Full Circle

On January 13, 2021, Kelly and Fox both took to their Instagrams to announce the good news. They were both poetic in their announcements.

Kelly posted a video that showcased the ring, or rather rings, that he gave Fox during the proposal.

“yes, in this life and every life," Kelly began the caption of the post, going on to reveal that he asked her to marry him "beneath the same branches we fell in love under."

He was talking about a banyan tree, something Fox, too, alluded to in her post. But we'll come to that later.

The ring Machine Gun Kelly Used To Propose To Megan Fox
The ring Machine Gun Kelly used to propose to Megan Fox with. (Source: Instagram)

Kelly then explained the two rings seen in the video.

He realized that the tradition was to give one ring in proposals, but he had made the conscious choice to make it two alongside designer Stephen Webster.

The emerald in the ring was her birthstone, and the diamond, his. The two stones were, in his own words, "set on two magnetic bands of thorns."

They drew together as "two halves of the same soul," and the merger of the two signified their love.

He ended the caption by mentioning their engagement date — January 11, 2021.

Fox, in her post, explained a few more details about their relationship and the special day.

She talked about how they had "asked for magic" under a banyan tree in July 2020. At the time, they were unaware of the sacrifices and effort they would have to make to make their love work.

But, they were "intoxicated off of the love" and have now gotten engaged a year and a half later.


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She mentioned they had walked through hell together and had laughed more than she ever did before during the same journey.

Towards the end of her writing, the actress committed to Kelly in all the lives that followed as she believed she had in all the lives that preceded.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's Unusual Engagement Ritual

As Fox ended her caption, she revealed that they had done something unusual after the proposal.

"... and then we drank each other's blood," she wrote at the end.

This was a peculiar thing, no doubt, but not as peculiar to someone who knows their relationship.

Their connection to blood isn't a new thing.

Back when their relationship was very new, she had given him something while she was going out of town.

A necklace with her blood in it.

On Valentine's Day 2021, he revealed Fox's DNA-filled gift to him. And in May, he talked about it on Ellen.

“Some people give, like, a handkerchief to their partner or whatever,” Kelly said to Ellen. “She gave me her DNA.”

Kelly kept the necklace with him at all times, even when he wasn't wearing it, he still had it close by.