Luke Hemsworth was of the idea that men shouldn't be "sad and doubtful and vulnerable and all that stuff," but all that has changed since the actor welcomed his children. 

Hemsworth and his wife Samantha have been married for almost 15 years as of this writing, and in that time, they have become parents to four beautiful kids: daughters Holly, Ella, and Harper Rose, as well as a son Alexandre. 

Over an interview with The Daily Telegraph (via Dailymail), the actor confessed that being expressive was a trait he learned much later in life. 

Candidly, the actor explained, "It was never okay to be emotional as a bloke."

Luke Hemsworth on Being a Better Father

The stereotypical image of being "a man" was a big part of Hemsworth's upbringing. With that attitude embedded as a character default, the actor couldn't always connect with his kids. 

I have days where I think my children are aliens, I want nothing to do with them.

However, over the years, he has been growing as a father, and a part of that, for him at least, came from admitting that something not being able to relate to one's children was okay too.

He understood that this feeling didn't necessarily mean that he loved his kids any less. 

"But also sometimes I can't help but think, what I am doing is affecting them negatively," the actor confessed his dilemma. 

That being said, the actor has seemingly come to the understanding that being a parent is a work in progress. 

Luke Hemsworth with his wife and children

Luke Hemsworth with his wife and daughters (Source: Instagram)

Luke Hemsworth Moved to Australia with Wife & Children

In 2020, Hemsworth moved back to his native Australia with his wife and children after spending the better part of a decade in the City of Angels. 

While initially, the actor told the press that this decision was because he wanted his children to spend more time with their uncle and grandparents, he later revealed that the primary motive was so much more serious. 

His new residence in Australia was within walking distance of his parents' house and about a mile away from his brother, Chris. 

A couple of months after the move, Hemsworth told Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa that they left the United States over the fear of school shootings. 

"We didn't want the kids to go to high school over there, with machine guns and things," he explained. "So yeah, it was time to come back!"

That being said, the children weren't exactly hyped about the move. 

The difference in seeing them, how happy they are back here, that was really interesting.

Luke Hemsworth Happy about the Move

Hemsworth, for one, was possibly very much okay with moving back to his homeland since he had begun to worry about his loss of anonymity. 

Luke, being the least famous of the three Hemsworth brothers, had witnessed how his brothers already wanted their anonymity back. 

Not just that, the eldest of the Hemsworth brothers was also happy about how his kids were growing up in Australia. 

"It's best for the kids," he claimed. "The kids are outside in bare feet, they're on the beach and not watching much TV at all anymore."