If you've seen the handsome hunks Liam and Chris Hemsworth, which let's admit you most likely have, it would come as no surprise that their parents were every bit as gorgeous.

As a matter of fact, you might very well mistake the Hemsworth patriarch, Craig, for one of his handsome sons if you were presented with a picture from his younger days.

Check out this vintage picture Liam posted on the occasion of his mother's birthday.

Chris Hemsworth's parents: Craig & Leonie Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth's parents: Craig & Leonie Hemsworth (Source: Instagram)

Meet the Father — Craig Hemsworth

Obviously, the Hemsworth parents have aged quite a bit since that photo was taken.

That being said, in the last Father's Day photos from the Hemsworth brothers, it was obvious that the father was still as handsome pushing his late 60s. 

Both Chris and Liam posted shirtless photos of the 66-year-old Hemsworth patriarch to their Instagram accounts, describing him as a 'champion.'

That wasn't the only picture that Chris posted, though. 

He also shared throwback photos of Craig with his brothers and their mother, Leonie Hemsworth, from what appeared to be a camping trip in their back when they were still kids. 

To cap it off, the Thor star posted a sweet current-day shot of the pair in matching black ensembles and caps at what looked to be his multi-million dollar Byron Bay home. 

With a fistful of love, the actor penned in the caption: "Happy Father's Day you big bloody champion!! Thanks for always being there. Love ya dad."

Chris' love for his parents is not limited to words as soon after he found stardom, the actor made it a point to pay off all of his father's debt in one fell swoop. 

During an interview with Independent in 2015, Liam reportedly became teary when he recalled Chris calling his father and telling him to check his bank balance.

"[Criag] called my brother Chris back and said, 'I don't know how to feel. Since I left home I have had debts and I thought I'd be paying them off until I died and have this weight hanging over me, and now to have them completely cleared.'" Liam recalled.

Wait till you meet the other one of Chris' parents — his mum. 

Meet the Mother — Leonie Hemsworth

Fans of the actor were blown away when he posted a picture with his then-60-year-old mother on Mother's Day 2020. (via Dailymail)

After seeing Leonie's age-defying complexion, many said she looked more like his sister than his mother. One user went as far as to say,

"Your mum and your wife look the same age and that is NOT a dig at your babe wife, sorry but where does your mother hide the painting that ages instead of her THIS IS WITCHCRAFT!!!!"

Well, if that commenter is reading this, the secret of her everlasting youth seems to be intermittent fasting. 

Chris' wife, Elsa Pataky, told body+soul that her mother-in-law strictly followed intermittent fasting. 

"She just looks amazing! She's 60...and every year looks even better," Pataky added.

Apparently, the Hemsworth matriarch began by fasting one day a week and gradually got to where she was today. 

"She started with one day of fasting, once a week, and then she started with the 15-16 hours of fasting," Pataky explained.