After three failed marriages, Loni Anderson finally found her happily ever after with her spouse, Bob Flick. 

In May 2008, the WKRP in Cincinnati actress married the founder of the 1960s folk band The Brothers Four.

The ceremony was attended by friends and family, including son Quinton Reynolds, whom she shared with Burt Reynolds. 

Her son was very supportive of the union as he walked her down the aisle. 

As the story goes, Anderson met her spouse in 1960, a few years after The Four Brothers landed at No.2 on the pop charts with 'Greenfields' at a movie premiere in Minneapolis.

According to reports, a local newspaper had sent the actress out to pose with the group for a fan photo op with Flick. 

During an interview with Studio 10, the actress opened up about finding her soul mate after 45 years. 

Lori Anderson and her spouse, Bob Flick

Loni Anderson and her spouse, Bob Flick (Source: Studio 10/ YouTube)

The couple dated in 1963 but reconnected much later and agreed that it was destiny that they were meant to be together. 

"We do say that. I mean, it is so bizarre how we came back together from our beginnings," said the actress. 

Loni Anderson and Her Former Spouse Burt Reynolds

But before Anderson found her happiness with Flick, she was in a high-profile relationship with Burt Reynolds.

The former couple was Hollywood royalty, and their every move was covered breathlessly by the tabloid press.

Anderson had met her former spouse in 1981 and was swept off her feet as she recalled to Studio 10. 

He called her every day, talked to her for hours on the phone, and convinced her to go on a date with him. 

Lori Anderson and Burt Reynolds

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds (Source: Studio 10/YouTube)

As the most powerful couple in Hollywood, they graced magazine covers and attended red carpets together.

The couple married in 1988 in a secret ceremony at his ranch in Jupiter, Florida, which People documented.

Speaking of their union, Reynolds noted that he was a lucky man surrounded by love and dear friends and said he had married his best friend today. 

Meanwhile, Anderson shared that she felt like Cinderella, who had her married Prince Charming.

The two later adopted their son, Quinton Reynolds.

Loni Anderson's Ugly Divorce with Burt Reynolds

Although the couple looked like the perfect match, in 1993, Reynolds announced the couple would split up.

At that time, Reynolds's representative said their relationship was "irretrievably broken" and that the actor had the utmost respect for Anderson. 

However, his respect for his former spouse and their separation soon turned tumultuous as the duo turned against each other. 

Reynolds divulged the intimate details of their marriage and publicly bashed Anderson. 

He accused her of cheating on him and being a bad mother. 

The actor even revealed the intimate details of the couple's relationship, stating that he had "not touched her in the biblical sense for almost three years."

However, Anderson had a different story.

She revealed Reynolds would physically abuse her while he was allegedly under the influence of drugs. 

Despite their tumultuous past, two buried the hatched right before Reynolds' death.