Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth, popularly known as Lo Bosworth, is a former reality TV star and a businesswoman. She is best known for Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, which revolved around her and her friends' lives. 

She gained a lot of fame from the acclaimed shows, but currently, Bosworth is more focused on her business, Love Wellness. Regardless, many of her fans wonder about her personal life, which used to be documented via reality TV shows. 

Since she has not returned for any reality series, many people wonder about her life. Mostly, people wonder about her love life and whether she has a boyfriend or is married with a husband.

Here is everything we know about Bosworth's relationship history. 

Is Lo Bosworth Married?

No, Bosworth is not married. Since the Laguna Beach alum is secretive about her love life, there is not much information known about her beaus and if she has one or not. 

However, if she has one, be it a boyfriend or a husband, she has not revealed it yet. There is only one known partner of Bosworth, and that is Jimmy DeCicco. 

DeCicco is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Super Coffee. He is best known as one of the contestants from Shark Tank, a show where people pitch business ideas to seek investors. 

He pitched his ideas for his energy drink, Kitu Super Coffee, alongside his brothers, Jordan and Jack, in 2017. But, unfortunately, none of the investors were interested. 

Regardless, it seems like the brothers are doing great independently, as evident by their social media. Coming back to Bosworth and her love life, she confirmed that she was dating DeCicco in 2019. 

Although it is unknown how long the couple had been together at the time, they made their relationship public via social media. DeCicco also shared a photo of the couple on a date at a Yankees game in April 2019.

He jokingly captioned the picture, "I'm a huge admirer of yours... (@yankees)." Similarly, Bosworth captioned a lovely black-and-white photo of herself leaning towards the entrepreneur on May 21, 2019.

The couple also spent time together on vacation to St. Barth. The entrepreneur shared a selfie in May 2019 of himself cuddled close to The Hills alum. He captioned the photo "This is our 'we wish we were still on vacation' face" with a red balloon emoji. 


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Unfortunately, the duo is no longer together. In addition, all the pictures they shared on social media have also been deleted. Since they mostly kept their relationship under wraps, it is unknown when the pair parted ways. 

Since then, Bosworth has not told her fans and followers about her love life. Instead, it seems like she is more focused on her health and physical fitness rather than her relationship status. 

This is because she suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago. She opened up about her injury via Instagram on March 2021. 

She was sitting at a restaurant in lower Manhattan when one of the swinging kitchen doors fell from its hinges and onto her head. She spent months in the hospital with a mild to severe concussion.

Her brain injury was severe, and it continues to affect her to this day. However, she has not let it stop her since she still exercises regularly and focuses on her brand, Love Wellness.