On August 10, 2022, the tea page tiktokinsiders uploaded a TikTok video belonging to Lizlettering. 

The user claimed that popular TikToker and influencer Mads Lewis was impolite to her and rubbed her the wrong way. 

She noted the incident had happened a little over a year ago when she did not have TikTok and did not know who these influencers were. But since the internet was the perfect place to talk about this incident, she decided to share her experience now. 

As per her accounts, Lizlettering was working with a Boohoo during Miami Swim Week 2021. 

She said the brand “sucked the soul” out of her body because not only did they treat her badly, but the influencers Boohoo worked with also gave her a hard time. 


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The brand had chosen a bunch of influencers to walk their first fashion show at the Versace Mansion. 

Lizlettering Says Mads Lewis Was the Rudest Influencer

She expected most of them to be bratty, but some turned out to be sweet, except for Lewis, who she claimed was the rudest.

Lewis came with her manager and was being fitted while Lizlettering minded her business, standing at the back of the room. 

But Lewis suddenly turned around and asked her, “excuse me, do you want to be in this picture?” Lizlettering had apparently gotten in the way while Lewis was trying to take a mirror selfie. 

Lizlettering claims Mads Lewis was rude and entitled in a TikTok video

Lizlettering claims Mads Lewis was rude and entitled in a TikTok video. (Source: Instagram)

“That was not what you [Lewis] meant to say. What you meant to say was ‘excuse me could you please step out of the frame because I am trying to take a mirror selfie here that will get million of likes and views, and it’s really important work here, so could you please step out of my frame,’” noted Lizlettering sarcastically.

The TikToker added Lewis rubbed her the wrong way and the people she worked with also agreed that Lewis was an entitled young girl. 

Fans Divided over Lizlettering’s Video

Once the video reached the netizens, it was clear they were divided over Lizlettering’s video.

Some of them believed Lizlettering’s claims, saying they were not surprised. 

“This isn’t the first time someone has said something like this yikes,” commented one user. Another wrote, “she’s been exposed for being rude to the girls in the house she lived with and even made the cleaner quit because Mads made her cry. So I am not surprised.”


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However, some supported Lewis and accused Lizlettering of clout chasing. 

“Lol I would be mad if I saw you in my frame too coz like you see her taking a pic, move for a second,” commented a user in defense of Lewis. 

“Obviously she wouldn’t want you in the picture if you’re just sitting there? Why do they always wanna make someone look bad like please go get some fresh air,” said another Lewis supporter. So far, Lewis has not commented on the accusations.