55-year-old A House Divided star LisaRaye McCoy is not only renowned as an actress, model, businesswoman, and fashion designer but also as the former First Lady of the Turks and Caicos.

McCoy is now a grandmom to 6-year-old granddaughter Bella Rae, a daughter of McCoy's daughter Kai Morae.


Morae, the only child of the All of Us star, was born to McCoy and the famed actress' ex, Kenji Pace, on 8 December 1989. But when the actress ended her relationship with Pace, she brought up her daughter on her own.

But the celebrity daughter was also not deprived of a father's love, as she was loved and taken care of by her mother's future husbands Tony Martin and Michael Misick, as well as by her biological father.


As of now, McCoy remains unmarried and single but active in the dating game. Since 2023, she has been hosting the reality show titled Asking For A Friend, in which two besties are brought as guests in a bid to try to match each other with a viable dating partner. 

The show also has a host segment where Lisa shares her experiences and advice related to dating and love.

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What more do we know about McCoy's daughter? Scroll through as we bring in-depth details about the actress' daughter Morae, as well as her granddaughter Rae.

Kai Morae Is a Fashion Model Now

Following the footsteps of her fashionable mother, Morae also commenced her career in the glamour industry. She currently serves as a plus-size fashion model.


Morae, who has over 175,000 followers on Instagram, regularly posts pictures from her modeling shoots and advertisement posts for various products on her social media, updating her fans about her work life.

In addition, she has also been featured in music videos, which include 'Can’t Keep Runnin' by Guordan Banks. The mentioned music video, from the album BLOOD ON THE VINYL, was released in June 2019 and currently has over 965,700 views on YouTube.

According to her IMDb profile, she has also appeared in an episode, 'LisaRaye McCoy,' which was centered around her mother McCoy, in the 2019's TV series documentary Uncensored.

Who Is Kai Morae's Father Kenji Pace?

Morae's father and McCoy's ex-partner, Pace, is a very low-key personality who is best known on the internet just for his past relationship with the famed actress.

Even though Pace is reportedly an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker, he prefers to keep his minimal media presence and manages a simple lifestyle. 

His relationship with McCoy came to prominence in 1989 — the same year his daughter was born — but just a year later, the couple parted their ways and never turned back to each other.

LisaRaye McCoy’s granddaughter Will Turn 7 in December

McCoy’s granddaughter, Rae, was born on 17 December 2016, as Bella Rae Jeune.

Her daughter, Kai Morae, was the first one to confirm the news via her Facebook, where she shared a snap of the baby's hospital bed a day later.

"My little princess...made her entrance into the world last night right in time for Christmas...I couldn't be happier," Kai wrote in the caption with a smiley emoji. That being said, she kept the details of her baby daddy under wraps.


And according to Essence, she had celebrated her baby shower with her longtime boyfriend, Joe. He is her baby's father, according to sources.

Rae, who will be turning seven in December this year, celebrated her fourth birthday with her family, and the best part was the celebration was organized by her grandmother. 

McCoy posted the snaps from her granddaughter's fourth birthday on her Instagram, stating the little one made her happy and laugh.

The little one also has an Instagram account, presumably handled by her mother, where she has pictures of her studying, playing with her mother, and posing with her family members.

Who are LisaRaye McCoy's Ex-husbands?

McCoy has been married twice till now. Her first marriage with former NFL star Tony Martin lasted from 1992 to 1994. 

Her second marriage was with the then chief minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Miscick. In 2006, Their wedding ceremony was lavish and witnessed over 300 guests.

Then after, the pair went on a three-week honeymoon to Bali, Dubai, and Jerusalem. 

Tabloids, in addition to many fans, at the time, deemed her the "First Lady of the Turks and Caicos." They separated in 2008 and finalized their divorce in 2008.


McCoy implied to Out Loud (hosted by Claudia Jordan) that she married Misccick because of his promise instead of love. 

“For me, hands down, I should have married for love. The dream he sold me was ‘I want to date you in our marriage,’ and I had never heard of that before and I was thinking, that’s kind of clever,” she stated.   

In 2020, she also spoke to Essence about her divorce and revealed that she lost weight she gained after being out of her demanding profession. She said,

Honestly, I feel great. I’m back down to my TV-size and ready to do what I’ve been missing for the last three years. I gained that weight because I wasn’t in Hollywood and didn’t have to be so concerned with my weight and was constantly entertaining all the time, eating peas & rice and just being an island girl. Now, I’m back to being the LisaRaye that does television, movies, hosting and sharing my story in hopes to help someone else

She also revealed that she was still fighting for a settlement.

"I don’t understand why he (former Premier of Turks & Caicos Michael Misick) wants to make the attorneys richer by keeping this thing going. He needs to focus on the political fight he has ahead of him and give me what I’m due. I don’t want his money, only the money I contributed to the marriage," she remarked about the situation.

Not only that she said she had lost respect for her ex-boyfriend when asked if she was still friends with him, but she also revealed that she would love to marry again as it was "easier to fight this fight of life with a partner than alone."


 She shared,

We do talk and text. Friends? Not really. I have no respect for a man who handled his business the way he did. He didn’t handle his situation the right way so he could continue his political fight. Why did i have to fight to get a divorce?

Now, her ex-husband, Misick, former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Island, is living a retired life. He was arrested in Brazil and extradited to his homeland to face a trial for corruption. 

Previously, he had voluntarily resigned in 2009 and fled the Turks and Caicos Islands amidst the controversy