Lisa Vanderpump is an all-rounder. The 61-year-old is a British restaurateur, designer, television personality, author, and philanthropist renowned for appearances on shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, and Vanderpump Dogs.

Over the years, she has made it into the news and internet trends for her various good works and television appearances. But she might have never thought her teeth to be a topic that would float around the internet.

Yes, that's right! Various memes related to her teeth and rumors of her having veneers are all over the internet, especially on Twitter.

But Are Those Veneers Rumors True?

The rumors related to Vanderpump getting veneers or new teeth peaked back in June 2018. Some asked if the details were accurate, while some were confident that she had veneers after looking at her pictures.

"I need to talk to someone about Lisa Vanderpump's new teeth," a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another chimed in December that year, insisting that Vanderpump "DEFINITELY got new teeth. Just look at how obvious it is!"

Similar tweets regularly were spotted throughout 2018 and in the subsequent years. Have a look at some of them below:

But the word seems to have spread based on Vanderpump's 2015 Instagram post, where she posted a snap of herself with funny teeth, and it was evident that they were fake teeth.

However, she never really confirmed if she really had new teeth when the rumors spread like wildfire. Hence, believing the rumors might not be the best thing to do.

Camille Mayer's Comments about Lisa Vanderpump's Teeth

If the internet's comments on Vanderpump's teeth weren't enough, Camille Mayer also joined the party and added a controversial statement about her castmate's teeth.

In an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in April 2019, Mayer said that she used to be a dental assistant, so she was "really funny about teeth." She continued to say,

Before Lisa Vanderpump got her teeth redone, I had an issue with the...I had such an issue with the gums. I was like, ‘Honey, you need new caps. Your gum line is receding.’ Now they look great. Well, at least you can stand her breath.

Mayer immediately realized that she had offended Vanderpump; hence she took to Twitter to apologize and admitted that she had cracked bad jokes.

"I felt really bad I went there after drinking. It was very distasteful and mean. I feel awful. Sorry I upset you," Mayer wrote, implying that she was sorry. In another tweet, she also added that Vanderpump had beautiful teeth, and there was nothing wrong with her gums.

The drama went on for a long as a few other people on Twitter came to support the reality star. Vanderpump also accepted the apology with a sassy tweet, writing, "But I did have pretty teeth, that's the point...People believe that, like you."

In addition, Vanderpump wrote in another tweet that Mayer had just made up things but later apologized to her. She also quietly implied that nothing was wrong with her gums.