Before smartphones and e-commerce dominated the market, there was televised home shopping. QVC (Quality Value Convenience) was an American network that specialized in home retail. The show had hosts who introduced viewers to a wide range of products.  

The network, founded in 1986, had many hosts over the years, and Lisa Robertson was one of the longest-serving QVC hosts. She spent 20 years of her life as a QVC host and had over 30 million viewers. 

From there, she branched out to different shows, called PM Style, The Lisa Robertson Show, Ask Lisa About Style, and Friday Night Beauty. She was also a fashion designer who created and designed the GILI line in 2012. 

The line included handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts, and Christmas Decor. She eventually became an icon in fashion and beauty and had an enormous fan base. 

Fans who recognize her from that era might wonder, “is Lisa Robertson married?” The answer is no. She does not have a husband, but she was involved with Erin McGee. 

Lisa Robertson and Erin McGee

Although the couple is no longer together, Daily Mail reported that the duo was dating in April 2015. 

The million-dollar QVC host was reportedly madly in love with her 11 years younger, tattooed personal trainer boyfriend. Before dating McGee, Robertson admitted to living in fear because of four separate instances of stalking she faced while she was still at QVC. 

But it appeared Robertson was attempting to move on from the ordeal as she posted more of her private life on social media. The couple would regularly post photos from their vacations and spend many special occasions together, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Her suddenly posting so much about their personal life led fans to speculate she was getting married.

According to the outlet, Robertson and McGee had already met each other’s family and even traveled with McGee’s daughter and son. 

The outlet also revealed that Robertson, who had little time for a boyfriend, had approached Tom Ciccarone, but he rejected her because he had been put off relationships by his ex-wife. And by January 2015, Robertson had started suddenly started posting work-out pictures with McGee and holiday snaps of the two of them together. 

Although there is no news on when the couple parted ways, the duo has broken up with McGee dating someone new.

Lisa Robertson and Erin McGee Post Break-up

According to McGee’s Instagram, he is currently dating Dawn Criville. 

It is unconfirmed when they started dating, but McGee often posts photos with her. McGee has also moved on from personal training to working as a realtor. His Instagram bio suggests he works as a realtor for The Matt Gorham Group. 

As for Robertson, it is unknown if she has someone new in her life because she keeps her personal life private on social media. However, her Instagram is full of photos of her work, so no one knows if she is single or not.