Social media influencer Lira Galore has been long speculated to have gone under the knife to sharpen her facial and body structures. On June 11, 2021, the Instagram model took to Twitter to address the rumors of her plastic surgery once and for all.

In a succinct message directed to her followers, Galore mentioned she was recounting the claims of her face surgery or her face reconstruction surgery.

She pointed out how people claimed she did the plastic surgery to have her baby looking exactly like her. Galore made fun of the rumors, implying they were just rubbish.

Then the Texas native gushed about her natural beauty, stating she had always been pretty and always will be. 

While the tweet clarified that Galore has had no procedure on her face, she has had at least one plastic surgery on her body. 

Lira Galore Posted before and after Surgery Picture

On March 19, 2018, Galore posted a collage of her before and after picture. The montage compared two photos — one from when she was 16 and the other from when she was 24. 

The post looked like an appreciation post for her newly augmented breasts. So without question, the social media star looked utterly unrecognizable in her old picture before surgery, with her short black hair, minimal makeup, and her toned body. 

One follower noticed the difference and insisted that she worked on her face, while another snappily penned, "Pretty sure she got her lips done."


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While many commenters discussed her surgery, some fans defended her, saying she had a natural body.

Days after Galore posted the picture, her doctor, Miami-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Altman, revealed the procedures she had on her body. 

He posted a picture with Galore on Instagram and wrote, "tbt. Next to this beautiful patient, the incredible Lira Galore." Then, in the hashtag that followed, the plastic surgeon listed out the procedures Galore underwent. 

At first, Dr. Altman mentioned "#bbl," which stands for a Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure where fat from other parts of the body is taken out and injected into the buttock to give it a required shape.

Then, he added BodyTite on the list, a form of liposuction where excess fat is removed from the body while simultaneously tightening the skin. The procedure helps contour the body and provides an expected definition.

At the end of the tags, Altman wrote breast augmentation, the procedure Galore had hinted through her post as well. 

As soon as Altman uploaded the post, Galore's followers wondered why she said her body was natural when it wasn't. Her fans, however, poured out their support, stating she looked great even after surgery. 

Despite broad discussions, Galore has never addressed the before and after surgery claims regarding her body.