Linda Hunt and Karen Kline's wedding took place when same-sex relationships had become common, but their relationship had already broken barriers till then. 

The couple had started dating back in the '80s when homosexuality hadn't yet seen the light of normalcy.

Yet, they stayed strong in their relationship and took it further, one step at a time. 

After dating for years, Hunt finally moved in with her partner in their Los Angeles home in 1987. And since then, they have been setting relationship goals. 

The Linda Hunt and Karen Kline Wedding

Hunt and her long-time partner stayed in a dating relationship for over two decades.

They ultimately married one another through a proper wedding ceremony in 2008. 

Linda Hunt officiated an on-screen wedding in 'NCIS: Los Angeles.'

Linda Hunt officiated an on-screen wedding in 'NCIS: Los Angeles.' (Photo: Instagram)

Despite their long-running romantic connection, the duo had never felt the need to announce their relationship or their orientation formally.

And they followed the same approach for their wedding. 

That is to say, they didn't share the ceremony details, including the exact date, venue, and even dresses.  

Having said that, the married pair did open about their relationship in a rare interview with CBS News in 2013, five years after the wedding. 

Hunt mentioned the age gap between her and her wife. "Karen's six years younger," the NCIS star noted and jokingly stated that she forgave her partner about it. 

As for her wife, Kline brought up their height difference. She shared she was never bothered about Hunt being only 4 feet 9 inches tall.

The 70-year-old admittedly didn't even notice Hunt's height when they first met. Rather, she was impressed by her dress. "I was kind of struck [by] Linda's corduroys," Kline uttered. 

Linda Hunt and Wife Karen Kline's House

Hunt and her retired therapist wife have been enjoying their marriage while keeping it all on the down-low.

Linda Hunt and her wife Karen Kline in their house in Hollywood.

Linda Hunt and her wife Karen Kline in their house in Hollywood. (Photo: Twitter)

The pair reportedly live together in a 1919 bungalow in the Hollywood neighborhood.

They are accompanied by three dogs adopted from Best Friends Animal Society, a charity Hunt supports.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2014, Hunt described their home as "welcoming."

She also acknowledged that it had a "whimsy and special kind of elegance." 

According to the report, the house was their fourth one in Hollywood. The married couple had previously lived in a dark Craftsman-styled-home for six months. 

They bought the new one and renovated the traditional one-story property to better use the cramped floor plan.

The duo admittedly visioned free-flowing and spacious rooms for their dogs and guests.

Sticking by their plans, Hunt embraced the help of architect Linda Brettler for their Hancock Park kitchen and den.

They moved the central hallway, transformed the bedroom into a den and library, and converted an underutilized deck into a 200-square foot sunroom. 

Providing a modern feel and colorful interiors, they opted for vibrant purple paint on the wall and graphic sunflower wallpapers with surprising hues of purple and green. 

The Los Angeles Times described the house as a "jewel-box home filled with carefully considered details and custom finishes" and deservingly so. 

The house rings like a perfect haven for the adorable couple.