American rapper Lil Skies grew up in a blended household, which included his parents and later his stepdad along with his siblings and half-siblings. 

Talking to Vlad TV earlier in 2021, the aspiring rapper opened up about his childhood and spoke about how he grew up in a family of mixed races. Per him, his mother is white and of Italian descent, while his biological father is Black.  

Interestingly, Lil Skies, who grew up as Kimetrius, took the stage name after drawing inspiration from his father, Michael Burton Jr., also a hip-hop artist known by his alias Dark Skies. 

An Insight into Lil Skies' Childhood

During the chat, Lil Skies revealed to have four siblings growing up, including his three brothers and a sister. The rapper further spoke about how he'd "different sisters and sets of different brothers," from his mother's marriages. 

When asked about his childhood, the rapper paid tribute to his mother, father, and his step-father, citing their role in providing for the family while he was growing up. 

Rapper Lil Skies recalled the time when his father's musical attachment inspired him to practice freestyle at four years of age.

Talking about his dad, the rapper said, 

My dad was always doing music when I would go around my dad. That's kind of like what I wanted to be because I thought that was cool and that's what he was doing with his friends.

Lil Skies was further asked to reflect on the relationship he had with his father, especially when he was ten years of age.

Per the rapper, he had a shaky relationship with his father as they would "bump heads a little bit," but music remained "the thing" that kept the father-son relationship going.

However, Lil Skies told the interviewer that he is "very close" with his "dad right now." He also spoke about how his family members are close to each other. 

The rapper is now a father himself after his long-time girlfriend, Jacey Faugate, gave birth to their son in July 2019. 

His Brother Kamrin Houser

Houser, known by the moniker The Heartbreak Kid, is a rapper just like his brother. In a 2018 chat with One Room Media, the rapper spoke about his nickname.

Houser told the interviewer how everybody gets in a relationship with "that one female" who ends up breaking their heart. Hints of the rapper's failed love experience can be drawn from his statement, which justifies Houser's alias. 

In 2020 sitting with One Room Media, the aspiring rapper opened up about his decision to make a career without signing to a record label company.

Houser felt that he could do "more for myself" without being associated with a label. Also, he spoke about how he "don't like owing people money."

Earlier in 2021, the brother joined forces as Lil Skies collaborated in his brother's song titled 'G-Code.' 

While the song's music video has not been released as of this writing, the audio posted on the YouTube channel titled Rapstar has amassed 41,571 views thus far.