Influencers Liane V and Don Benjamin got married in Hawaii back in August 2021, and recently they have released an hour-long documentary to immortalize their special day. 

Since the couple was hyping the wedding with regular updates on their socials, fans were excited to see what they had in store for the documentary.

But when the couple announced that the documentary could only be streamed after the audiences paid a premium, the fans were less than happy. 

Liane V Promoting Wedding Documentary on Instagram

V has been actively promoting the wedding documentary via her Instagram for the last couple of days. In one of the more recent posts, she announced that the documentary was officially live on their website.

She also outed that the documentary covered everything from their bachelor/bachelorette day to the engagement shoot, the wedding rehearsal, and of course, the wedding day. She also promised that the documentary would feature other tidbits surrounding her big day. 

With that out of the way, she instructed fans to download the entire documentary from their website for a sum of $4.99.

Apparently, the proceeds made from the sales would be handed over to a number of charities in Hawaii, including Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Ê»Aha PÅ«nana Leo—a non-profit working to revitalize Hawaiian languages. 

Liane V ad Don Benjamin Facing Backlash

Following V's announcement, an Instagram page, @hereforthetea2, documented the backlash she was facing because the couple chose to charge fans a premium for a virtual trip to their wedding. 

While both V and Benjamin were teasing the documentary for quite a while, neither bothered to mention that fans would have to pay to see it, which did not sit well with the fans. The page also noted that the influencers were not transparent about the charitable proceeds. 

Initially, V had failed to mention the name of the non-profits that she would be donating to, and even when she later disclosed the names, she did not announce what percentage of the proceeds they would be handing out.

Fans Were Disappointed at Liane V and Don Benjamin

The post also shared screenshots of angry fans claiming that influencers charging their followers to see their wedding was a big no-no. 

One fan contrasted the pair against royalty, as even the Royal family didn't charge people to see their wedding and added that they were content with what they saw in the newlywed couple's Instagram stories. 

Another fan was disappointed at V and Benjamin because the couple apparently could do anything for money. The fan claimed they understood that influencers had to hustle, but asking people to pay for a virtual tour of their wedding was asking too much.

And those were just two of the many comments V received. Check out the slideshow below for more:

Back in August, on the day of their wedding, V and her new husband made headlines when V gave the groom a sultry lapdance at the reception party. Well, it wasn't just her. 

Before she was even done with her routine, Benjamin took the bride in his arms and let her have a seat while he returned the favor.

The attendees at the reception couldn't help but cheer the couple on and shower them in dollar bills.