Lewis Capaldi has been doing well for himself on the career front ever since the release of his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, back in 2019.

However, the same cannot be said about his love life.

The singer-songwriter has gone through a couple of relationships in the past few years and has also been open about his struggles in the dating scene.

Does Lewis Capaldi Have a Girlfriend?

Capaldi was in a relationship with Catherine Halliday, a Scottish university student, in 2020. British tabloid The Sun was the first to report on their relationship. 

According to the source, the ex-couple first met in Ibiza through mutual friends in 2019. 

They were also spotted getting a meal together near Whitburn, West Lothian, his hometown, in February 2020.

At the time, Capaldi and his girlfriend kept things low-key but were reportedly flirty, laughing, and having fun with one another.

A few months later, new details emerged claiming their relationship progressed into something serious.

The Sun (via Daily Mail) reported that the singer was "smitten" with Halliday. Their sources said that he had even written a song about her to put on his upcoming album.

The song allegedly mentions her "fiery red locks." "Catherine was obviously made up there is a nod to her. She has something very special with Lewis," the insider claimed.

But it wasn't meant to be. And the ex-couple broke up in September 2020. They dated for around seven months before the hitmaker's busy schedule apparently became a hindrance to their romance.

Before his short-lived fling with Halliday, Capaldi was involved with Paige Turley. She was his first girlfriend that the public knew about.

The Glasgow native began dating Turley when he was 18. And their relationship ended around 18 months after. However, the break up created headlines.

Many tabloids started rumors that Turley was the ex girlfriend that inspired his heartbreak songs, especially his mega-hit, 'Someone You Loved.' It was true, in a way.

But not in the way the media was portraying it to be.

During a sit-down with The Independent, Capaldi clarified that 'Someone You Loved' was about his grandmother, adding 'Bruises' and a few other songs were about Turley.

The British singer also mentioned that Turley had "every right" to talk about him as he had made money off writing songs about her.

As for now, Capaldi seems to be on the market. Daily Record, who wrote about his breakup with ex-girlfriend Halliday, also stated that he was already on the lookout for love — this time on Raya, a celebrity dating app. 

About His Dating Troubles

In an interview with The Scottish Sun in 2019, Capaldi became vocal about his dating troubles, revealing his love life was nonexistent.

As per his accounts, he couldn't find a perfect girlfriend and the furthest he could go was to get a kiss and beers. 

To find the right person, the 25-year-old even created an account on Tinder. And to everyone's surprise, he ran a contest on the dating app.

The top two girlfriend prospects would be paid to fly out to New York and meet him. 

The unique approach made Capaldi the face of Tinder. In consequence, his profile got over 10,000 potential suitors queuing up for a date. But the result didn't delight the singer at all.

"It's not because they want to date me, it's because they can get a free flight to New York," Capaldi told the interviewer.

He even stated that the contest had brought so many contestants that he couldn't swipe enough. 

The account admittedly became so swamped with interest that it became almost unusable.