American actress Leslie Mann has been married to her husband, Judd Apatow, for 24 years. Their enduring marriage is going stronger than ever with a lovely family comprising two kids.

Here's a rundown on the couple's relationship timeline, from meeting for the first time to parenting children.

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow Met in 1996

Mann met her future husband during the pre-production of his 1996 film, The Cable Guy. The stunning actress had gone for the audition, and Apatow fell in love with her at first sight. 

Apatow left no stone unturned to impress her, inviting her to a dinner date at his house. Though it took some time for Mann, she eventually fell in love with the University of Southern California alum. And they started dating. 

About Leslie Mann's Wedding and Children 

Within a year of dating, Mann married her boyfriend on June 9, 1997, in Los Angeles. The married couple welcomed their first child, daughter Maude Apatow, into their family, on December 15, 1997. 

A year later, they gave birth to their second daughter, Iris Apatow, on October 12, 2002.


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Mann's daughters have both dabbled into acting. Maude, 23, starred alongside her mother in Knocked Up, while Iris, 18, joined the duo in the movie's sequel. 

In addition, Maude starred as Lexi Howard in the hit HBO series Euphoria in 2019. 

Secret behind Their Enduring Marriage

Mann and Apatow got into a public argument outside a famous restaurant Katsuya in Los Angeles on October 25, 2019. As per Page Six's report, the couple was in a screaming match.

Following the discussion, both left the place in their Cadillac, and Mann slammed the car's door after entering the vehicle.  

A month after the incident, Apatow talked about the spat in an interview on The View and joked that they had fought in every restaurant in the city. He added, 

Then you get a call, like, 'What do you say? We saw you guys, that you were, like, debating something in a restaurant.' I was, like, really? Have you been married? Do you know what marriage is?

On a serious note, the director mentioned that fights were why their marriage was enduring. He implied how letting feelings out in a relationship was necessary to keep it wholesome. 

Back in March 2017, the 53-year-old gushed about his lasting marriage even in an interview for Vice.

Apatow disclosed that he and Mann got up on Sunday morning, watched Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Sunday and tried to apply positivity in the life. But they would forget almost everything by the end of the week and watch a new episode every week.