With a background in martial arts, Leo Howard loves appearing in high-action movies. In 2009, he starred as a young "Snake Eyes" in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. His acting and karate skills won the hearts of viewers. 

What’s more impressive is that he performed the stunts in the film on his own.

After that, he starred as Jack Brewer in the Disney XD comedy series Kickin’ It from June 13, 2011, until the show ended in 2015. It was a dream come true for Howard to be part of Kickin’ It as it combined the two things he loved — martial arts and acting. 


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The Disney hit comedy series also allowed him to make his directorial debut. In 2014, he directed an episode of the series, which earned him the title of the youngest TV director ever in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He explored this further in 2016 and 2017 when he directed two episodes of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Since then, the actor has grown and is now one of Hollywood’s heartthrob, leaving fans to wonder, “who is Leo Howard dating?”

Leo Howard and Partner Natasha Hall

Howard does have a girlfriend. He is dating The Kominsky Method actress Natasha Hall who starred as Yvette in the Netflix series.

Although it is unconfirmed how long they have been together or when they started dating, the actors recently featured each other on their Instagram.


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On May 3, Howard uploaded a cozied-up photo with Hall and noted in the caption that he missed “his human,” referencing the actress as his girlfriend. A month later, on June 13, his girlfriend too uploaded a loved-up photo of the two in honor of Howard’s birthday.  

She also noted that she loved him in the caption.

On August 24, she uploaded a funny video of Howard fooling around and doing a funny dance. The video had a text overlay that said, ‘put this sound over the last video of your spouse.’ This raised some questions amongst fans who took the comment section to ask the actress if she was his wife. 

So far, Hall has not responded to it, and we can only wait and find out if she is indeed Howard's wife. 

Leo Howard and His Past Relationship

Howard has been linked to many co-stars in the past. 


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When Howard was filming Kickin It, he was linked to his co-star, Olivia Holt. The pair starred as a couple on the Disney series, and their chemistry on screen was so palpable that fans thought they had something going on in real life too. 

Furthermore, the duo often made appearances in public together, and they also featured each other a lot on their social media. But Howard claimed their bond was more like a brother and sister and less like a couple. 

But he did have a relationship with Micayla Johnson. They had started dating back in 2013 and called it quits in early 2017. The reason for their split is unknown, but the rumors of his alleged relationship with his co-stars could be a possible reason. 

That was all in the past. These days, Howard seems genuinely in love with his girlfriend.