Lenox Tillman first came to the spotlight when she competed in America's Next Top Model in 2021. However, she isn't particularly known for her run in the contest but rather for a clip of Tyra Banks rating her sexy concept challenge.

After looking at Lenox's awkward clip, Banks can be seen showing her full dissatisfaction before dishing out harsh criticism.

"It is so bad, I want to give you a zero," Banks says. "But that's not possible, so I give you a one."

It is the lowest score given out in the show's history and those words have made their way around the internet in various forms. The most notable one of them is people using the audio in lip-dub skits on TikTok, where people reminisce about their poor life choices.

It became a hot format in the video-sharing platform, with many well-known personalities, including Charli D'Amelio, Joe Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, and Noah Beck, making videos on it.

Charli D'Amelio lip-synced over the 'It is so bad I want to give you a zero' TikTok sound

Charli D'Amelio lip-synced over the 'It is so bad I want to give you a zero' TikTok sound. (Source: TikTok)

All of them can be seen lip-syncing over the audio of Banks' rating of Tillman's performance as they share some of their past.

Charli D'Amelio showed a picture of herself with clear braces and black rubber bands, while Jonas shared a picture of his high self at Coachella. Tisdale and Beck made similar posts, with the former showing a photo of herself badly dressed at a premiere and the latter a heavily edited college soccer photo.

It Is So Bad I Want to Give You a Zero

With the audio having spread all across the internet in various forms, Tillman herself has also shared many stories about it in multiple TikTok videos.

In one post, she followed the aforementioned video format and lip-synced to Banks' words as the video of her performance getting judged played in the background.

Lenox Tillman lip-syncs over Bank's rating of her sexy concept challenge

Lenox Tillman lip-syncs over Bank's rating of her sexy concept challenge. (Source: TikTok)

In another, she got candid about whether she would change anything about the situation.

"No, I don't think I would have done anything different," she said. "At least for that scene, no. No."

"I did my best. I gotta cut myself some slack. I was 19 and very insecure and shy and overwhelmed. Tyra got pissed because I was being disrespectful, which is probably fair."

Tillman further opened up about her awkward performance, revealing she had never kissed anybody at that point and was very uncomfortable with the footage shoot, which was "very sexual."

"I was very uncomfortable doing things with guys and it wasn't really my thing," she added.

Where Is Lenox Tillman Now?

Following her run on America's Next Top Model, Tillman was with NEXT Model Management for a while. However, her modeling career didn't really take off, and she has already put an end to it.

She is active on TikTok and posts on it now and then, usually replying to questions people direct at her.

Lenox Tillman with her girlfriend

Lenox Tillman with her girlfriend. (Source: TikTok)

In August 2021, she uploaded a short montage of herself and her girlfriend on various adventures while 'All I Want Is You' by Barry Louis Polisar played in the background.

While Tillman has shared several stories about her reality TV experience, she has kept a tight lid on her life outside of it.