Leland Chapman was married to his former wife, Maui Chapman, for twelve years before finding his soulmate in his second spouse, Jamie Pilar Worley.

He was a father of three when he met his second spouse. He had two kids from his first marriage, Dakota and Cobie Chapman.

But besides two boys, he also has a daughter. After he divorced his first spouse, he dated Lynette Yi, with whom he welcomed his daughter, Leiah Breanna Chapman, in 2010.

The couple didn't last long and eventually broke up. 

Leland Chapman and His Wife Jamie Pilar Worley

Chapman and Worley keep their fans updated about their love status with their posts and stories through various social media platforms. 

The couple tied the knot in 2016. They have been married for six years now, and they seem inseparable.

In June 2016, Chapman shared a picture of his partner, Worley, on his Instagram and said he feels loved when he is with her. He also said he wanted to be with her all the time and not go anywhere without her.

Chapman and his spouse are also active on TikTok, and they embrace each other and never fail to express their love.

His spouse also seems to be in love with his kids. She shared a picture of her with Chapman's kids and captioned it, "My Little Family!"

She loved the kids like her own and expressed how grateful she was to have them in her life.

Worley added, they make her so proud that she could die for them. Her heart is always full because of them, and she promised to love them "till the end of time."

The actor boasts about his spouse being the best as he shared a picture and said she was his happiness.

Their Instagram posts explain how madly and deeply they are in love with each other.

Rumors Regarding Leland Chapman and His Wife Getting Divorced

However, in September 2020, fans were concerned about him and his relationship with his partner. 

The rumors regarding their separation crashed the internet hard, and according to The Sun, Chapman's partner removed the label "Leland's wife" from her Instagram bio.

Leland Chapman with his wife

Leland Chapman and his wife Jamie Pilar Chapman embrace each other. (Source: Leland Chapman's Instagram)

She also shared quotes and stories that kind of made her fans point out whether she and Champan were in a rocky place.

Following the assumptions, the couple also missed updating their social media with pictures of their significant others.  

Fans also found out they were working separately from two states, where Chapman was in Hawaii and his spouse in Alabama.

But proving it all working, the couple posted a picture of them standing together in front of a waterfall.

The couple was all smiles and looked happy, and without any caption, the picture did all the talking.