Seller of over 44 million global units, winner of two Grammys, 12 Billboards, three Academies for Country music, and much more, Country phenomenon LeAnn Rimes is a landmark name.

It is all the more impressive that this track record began for her at 14 when she bagged the Grammy, making her the youngest recipient back in 1997.

More than a quarter of a century now, she is still a headline. And more recently, she wowed her fans by doing a cameo in the show Country Comfort.

What made it a pleasant surprise is that her husband Eddie Cibrian stars as the main lead. While Cibrian's romance is not with Rimes on the screen, their chemistry reflects their love-filled relationship off the screen.

Here's a look into how they got together and how things are going for them.

From Rock Bottom To Mountain Top

In a 2011 appearance on The Ellen Show, Rimes candidly confronted numerous rumors about her previous relationships. By this point in time, she had been married and divorced from professional backup dancer Dean Sheremet.

They had tied the knot back in 2002 and severed it eight years later, in September 2009. An affair between Rimes and Cibrian scandalously preceded the divorce. 

When the anonymous relationship had come to light, Sheremet spoke about how their marriage was already a crumbling one. He revealed that the gap of sacrifices and compromises between were just too big since he was a dancer and a superstar. 

How It Adds Up

Ironically, one could tell that the couple was meant for each other by how Cibrian cheated on his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Perhaps the couple that cheats together ends up and stays together!

Jokes aside, Cibrian has reflected on the issue, saying that he did not wish anyone was hurt in the process. However, he does not regret his actions as he feels that he and Rimes are in the perfect place they could have ever been. 

Glanville, on the other end of the stick, has not been so welcoming of the split. For understandable and reasonable reasons, she began accusing Rimes of being a lurker and a stalker of her then-husband in 2009.

As her suspicions grew, so did the accusations. Later in  2010, she split up with Cibrian and bitterly noted that the country singer always gets what she wants.

In 2012, Rimes had checked into rehab, and Glanville had taken the righteous path to wish her well. But, later that year, she changed her tune to comment that she doesn't feel the musician is stable enough to be around her sons when Cibrian is not present.

The following years saw them going back and forth at each other, but currently, they seemed to have made up to each other. Glanville commented that they get along just fine and enjoy each other's company.

She is still in their lives for Cibrian's parents and kids, and it is almost like the two are sister-wives. Her words, not ours.

The Couple Now

At age 39 now, LeAnn Rimes and her husband have been married for ten years. They live together with two sons from Cibrian's previous marriage with Glanville.

Speaking about their marriage, Cibrian told ET Online that they had grown together as a couple. Each day, they find something about each other, and it's the most beautiful thing in the world.

They have managed to be a couple who trust each other with everything. But, all in all, they simply are head over heels for each other.