Teen Mom star Leah Messer has been through hell and back because of her addictions to drugs, and she has no qualms sharing about her struggles with her family members, friends, and followers.

She recalls she would have gotten out of the mess earlier if she had more people to talk to about her issues with drug addiction.

Here's a rundown on what led her to addiction and how she coped with the trying times. 

How Leah Messer Became a Drug Addict

Messer got candid about her experience with drug addiction during an interview with People in August 2020.

As per her accounts, she had been battling depression and anxiety her whole life. And her miscarriage in 2012 only added to her tribulations. 

Then in 2013, the 29-year-old gave birth to her daughter Adalynn with her then-husband Jeremy Calvert. Unfortunately, the C-section procedure reportedly caused a problem in her spinal cord.

To deal with the pain, doctors prescribed her painkillers, namely Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Tylenol 3. But little did Messer know the opioids would make her an addict. 

She started buying the pills off the street and even used heroin to feed her addiction. One year later, Messer's situation turned worse. She had become suicidal, even thinking of driving her car off the clip. 

And that wasn't all. The reality star had blacked out for the entire year. She didn't remember doing things and even who carried her to her bed. "I thought I was making it. I was barely surviving," Messer recalled.

Leah Messer on Overcoming Drugs Addiction

After sharing how she ended up as an addict, Messer talked about her journey to sobriety. She disclosed that Teen Mom 2's producer Larry Musnik encouraged her to fight her demons and join a drug treatment program. 

With support from her close ones, the television personality joined a rehab center in Arizona for a month.

Though the initial days that made her suffer cold sweats, nausea, and diarrhea were miserable, the month-long therapy turned out to be fruitful.

Admittedly, Messer realized she was playing victim to her circumstances and also understood she had to cut off toxic people from her life. In addition, she knew she had to be sober to be the best mother for her kids — Aliannah, Aleeah, and Adalynn. 

I had to create boundaries, whether it's family, friends, business. That's when it all started and I discovered my own identity.

The West Virginia native focused on herself and joined private and group therapies to heal after the rehab. 

Messer's Message for Others Battling Addiction

During the aforementioned interview, Messer stressed the importance of owning one's struggle with drugs.

Sharing how privacy can worsen the situation, she mentioned how people don't have to feel ashamed or alone in their battle with addiction.

"The first step is to own it and accept it," she remarked before stating that opening and being vulnerable was very necessary for healing. She opined that allowing others to see one's true self was also equally vital. 

The mother-of-three shared her own experience and cited that being candid about her life struggles, especially addiction, was a cathartic experience.