A scary realization struck the Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer when she discovered a lump on her breast. She called her gynecologist who suggested an ultrasound to determine whether the lump was cancerous.

Thankfully, the lump turned out to be benign and doctors have recommended the actress to keep an eye on it, but she felt it was important to share her scare on camera to bring awareness to her fans.

Messer talked at length about this scary encounter on her Instagram stories as she let her audience in on the whole issue. She talked about the importance of routine or self-check-ups and how she is learning more about breast cancer, thanks to her fans.

After opening up about this problem, the reality star received tons of advice and pointers from her fans including their individual experience and whatnot. It has prompted her to learn more and be more aware of breast cancer.

The mother-of-three says that she has always been an advocate of women's health and actively uses her platform to raise awareness about issues regarding women's health.

Inspired by the stories of her fans, she is also contemplating getting a second opinion and has turned to them, asking them to share their thoughts on this.

Messer recalled the jarring experience on the newest episode of Teen Mom 2 and also took the opportunity to teach her daughters about the importance of doing a self-breast check.

The 'Hope, Grace and Faith' preacher has opened up to InTouch about how difficult it had been for her to share this experience while shooting.

Messer claimed that she honestly didn’t want to film and was afraid that her whole season would be woven out of it. It was something that she felt like handling in privacy.

However, she talked to her daughter Addie’s paternal grandmother, who was a breast cancer survivor and a major inspiration for her decision to be so open about her experience, and advised her to talk about it on camera.

Messer admitted that was difficult and concerning, and there were a lot of emotions that were arising for her at that time. 

Messer also explained in a confessional that her biggest fear is that she will need surgery for the tumor, and that she will need pain medication to help her through the process since was previously addicted to pain pills after an emergency c-section with her youngest daughter Addie.

“Being an addict and owning my addiction, any kind of surgery is terrifying for me," she confessed.

However, Messer is six years sober now and believes that it is nothing she should be ashamed of. She wants others to own their story and not be ashamed or feel alone.