Born to the famous A-list actor Laurence Fishburne and his first wife, Hajna O. Moss, Montana Fishburne became famous, rather infamous, when she appeared in an adult videotape produced by Vivid Entertainment at the age of 19 in 2010.

But Montana's notorious tape was neither leaked by the entertainment company nor did she regret it.

It was so because she was inspired by Kim Kardashian's rise to fame after her leaked tape, and Montana wanted to repeat the same for herself to achieve fame. The adult movie star told The Hollywood Reporter at the time,

Kim Kardashian's [expletive] tape was released, but she still got past that. Even though she got all that negative attention for it, she still has all these other ventures going on now. That is what I want to emulate: having a tape come out and still being seen as a positive person.

Despite the effort, Montana never came close to Kardashian but achieved internet fame at the cost of her relationship with her respected father. Scroll through as we bring some actions performed by her, which added more dirt to her name.

Montana Fishburne Was Comfortable with Her Choice

Speaking with People in 2010, Montana stated she was proud of her adult video, differing from what her role model, Kardashian, had said when her tape was out in public.

She said that it was not a big deal for her to be in the adult film industry since she always wanted to do it. "I have always been comfortable in my body and with my [orientation]," she added.

However, her parents didn't feel the same way about her stint, as her father "told [Montana] he was embarrassed" by her. But her mother kept saying she loved her, wishing she stayed happy and away from the dark side of the adult film industry.

But in recent years, the father-daughter duo's relationship has improved, as evident through Montana's Instagram, where she occasionally posts snaps with The Matrix star.

Laurence has three kids from his two marriages: two daughters and a son. His second daughter is Delilah Fishburne, whom he shares with his second ex-wife Gina Torres. His son Langston Fishburne is from his first marriage with Hajna.

Montana Fishburne Arrested on Prostitution Charges

A year before her infamous adult video came out, she was arrested for "alleged prostitution" but later pleaded no contest to criminal trespass.

According to E! News, she was reportedly "ordered to complete an AIDS-education class," and "sentenced to two years' probation and 15 days in jail, but was able to do community service instead of jail time."

Sometime later, Montana clarified she was "never a prostitute" during an interview with WJLB's Coco, Foolish & Mr. Chase in the Morning.

She Faced Charges for Beating up Her Boyfriend’s Ex

Another event from 2010 and Montana was again in the center of the action. That year, TMZ reported she was charged with battery because she allegedly "beat the hell out of her boyfriend's ex."

E! News further stated that she was arrested for "allegedly breaking into the home of the victim [and] forcing her into the bathroom and beating her repeatedly."

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney's office claimed that the officials could not identify the weapon used in the attack. Nevertheless, Montana reportedly paid $9,000 in restitution to the victim, was placed on three years' probation, and sentenced to 90 days in jail.