TikTok just proved that everyone is subjected to people’s scrutiny on the internet. 

A TikTok shared by user Lauren Zarras who goes by @laurenzarras has gone viral after amateur detectives dissected the video.

The video has racked up over 41 million views and features Zarras’s boyfriend, who is referred to as “couch guy.” 

The video was shared on September 21, 2021, with the title “robbie had no idea” and a caption that said, “surprising my boyfriend at college.”

In the video, Zarras surprised her boyfriend Robbie, who is at college, and the sweet moment was captured on camera with the help of another friend. 

Viewers saw Zarras entering the room where Robbie was sitting on the couch with three other women. Upon seeing his girlfriend, Robbie took a moment to collect himself before he got up and hugged her. He looked surprised. 

The video then ends, but what was supposed to be a charming memory for Zarras has turned into a nightmare after Twitter and TikTok users dragged Robbie for allegedly cheating on his girlfriend and saying their relationship has “red flags.”

These critics apparently came to that conclusion after breaking down the body language, small movements, and overall mood of the occasion.

Lauren Zarras Defends Her Relationship

Zarras came to Robbie’s defense despite all the criticism and addressed some of the users’ wild claims.

She noted that her boyfriend had done nothing suspicious that could raise questions about their relationship. 

In the comment section of the video, Zarras wrote that all the negativity that people brought into her special moment was heartbreaking and that they needed to think before they made such serious assumptions about her relationship. 

She also addressed the comment about Robbie sliding his phone, saying that his phone was in his lap, and assured everyone that she was not in denial. 

She then urged viewers to stop hating on her relationship and her boyfriend, although that seems unlikely to happen soon. 

'Couch Guy' Responds to the Claims

Robbie, aka the couch guy, also responded to the haters on TikTok, which DefNoodles shared on Twitter. 

He wrote that not everything was a true crime and asked people to stop being para-social creeps and get fresh air.

However, people did not care about his video and commented that they were even more convinced he was guilty since he did not provide an explanation. 

Shortly after that, DefNoodles tweeted another TikTok video of the couch guy. In the video, Robbie talked about gaslighting, where he asked people if they knew what gaslighting meant.

He then gave people two scenarios and asked them to identify which was gaslighting and which wasn’t.

His options were “someone on the internet asks you to go get fresh air after you scrutinize their private life,” and “are you being gaslit if thousands of strangers call you delusional for claiming to know your own relationship better than they do.”

But people were not having any of it and took to the comment section of the video and iterated that he was gaslighting them by using the term. 

Only time will tell if the couch guy cheated on his girlfriend.