Journalist Lauren Sanchez and space pioneer Jeff Bezos are having the time of their lives with their newly found romance, and it's not just the couple that is getting along. 

Both Sanchez and her boyfriend have children from previous relationships. With that, they are now devout parents, raising their children in a supposedly blended family. 

Lauren Sanchez & Jeff Bezos' New Year's Bash

Most recently, the power couple made headlines following the 2022 New Year's Day. The couple was seen letting loose on a yacht in the Caribbean. 


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On January 1, 2022, the Amazon CEO took to Instagram to share pictures of the "crazy disco party" they had to celebrate the oncoming year. 

The slideshow of pictures featured Sanchez and Bezos at St. Bart Bash, where they were accompanied by Sanchez's ex-fiance Tony Gonzalez and his wife October. 

Not just that, the guest list also included Sanchez's son, whom she shared with her ex-fiance. 

Is Lauren Sanchez Engaged?

While the celebrated journalist out partying with her multi-billionaire husband and her ex-fiance at the same time would have made plenty of material for tantalizing headlines, there was something more. 

Sanchez had a band on the wedding finger. 

In one photo shared by the Amazon CEO, the girlfriend was seen cozying up with her boyfriend, with her left hand resting on her hips. 

Upon closer inspection, it was evident that the multi-talented journalist had a sparkling stone shimmering on her left-hand ring finger. 

Lauren Sanchez flaunting her engagement ring

Lauren Sanchez flaunting her engagement ring (Source: Instagram)

Apparently, wedding bells are on the horizon for the blended family. 

The Couple Went Public in 2019

As per reports from Page Six, the couple went public with their relationship on July 14, 2019, when they attended the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final together. 

The outlet also reported that the couple was splitting their time among New York City — where the billionaire got a hold of three luxury apartments for a mouthwatering 80 million dollars — California and Seattle. 

Surprisingly, even back then, the outlet was confident enough to report that marriage was firmly in the cards. 

The Couple Didn't Rush Blending Families

A source with the outlet also dished about the children and how the couple wasn't looking to blend families anytime soon. 

"They want this to happen organically, they're not pushing anything to happen," the source confided. 

This report came about a week after the couple went public with their relationship, which happened to be when Bezos met one of Sanchez's children for the first time. 

Sanchez was spotted with her sons Nikko Gonzalez and Evan Whitesell at sushi hot spot Ninja on Hudson Street.

Lauren Sanchez & Jeff Bezos Share 7 Children between Them

While the source could not confirm if her new beau made an appearance at the eatery, the outlet was certain that the boys were there to meet their mother's boyfriend. 

Apart from the two boys, Sanchez is also a mother to a daughter Eleanor, who is still in her early teens. 

As for Bezos, before hooking up with the helicopter pilot and camerawoman, he was married to Mackenzie Scott in 1993. Their divorce was finalized in 2019.

The former couple is the parents of four kids. Albeit, the names of said children have not yet been disclosed to the public, except for their son, Preston Bezos.