Body shaming — in other words, criticizing someone for their body shape or size — has become a pandemic of its own in the age of social media. 

No one is safe! 

Lauren Bushnell is one victim of this terrible practice that has plagued netizens, as she often gets called out for her weight.

While Bushnell usually refrains from drawing attention to such criticism, at times, she has been known to slam those commenting on her weight. 

Netizens Calling Lauren Bushnell out on Her Weight

In January 2022, Bushnell shared a screenshot of a DM where an Instagram user called out her weight. 

The story was actually a response to a fan who'd asked the Bachelor alum for advice on how to handle body image issues and accept one's body "for how God made it."

Bushnell gave her response at length. She started by sharing how she hated to "bring attention" to hateful messages that people flung her way.

However, that didn't change the fact that she was subjected to these comments fairly often. 

The DM that she'd shared read, "She is so damn sickly looking I can hardly stand it."

Lauren Bushnell's Response

Bushnell was accepting of the reality that there were people who criticized her weight, but at the same time, felt no need to defend herself. 

Still, there were times when she, too, felt insecure about her body and other people pressing on the same insecurities made things worse. 

"No matter what I do, I cannot gain weight," she confessed. "The only time, in the last 10 years, I've been able to is [while] being pregnant or on oral contraceptives."

External influences aside, she claimed that was just how her body wanted to be. 

"I wish I had my pregnancy booty," she mused. "But I don't, and apparently, some people on the Internet don't like that."

Lauren Bushnell with her family: husband Chris Lane & son Dutton Walker Lane

Lauren Bushnell with her family: husband Chris Lane & son Dutton Walker Lane (Source: Instagram)

She added she ate a healthy diet, and most of the time, she even outate her husband, Chris Lane. Again, that was not something these people bashing her wanted to believe. 

I think what makes me the most sad is as a new mom I’ve given my baby everything including my body, but I still get messages criticizing it.

Lauren Bushnell Thought She Was Sick

As per reports from Us Weekly, Bushnell was once convinced that she was sick, and she even went to medical professionals to have herself looked at. 

"Everything is great thank goodness," Bushnell assured. 

She requested all those listening to not comment on women's bodies postpartum because it was not as black and white as it might seem. 

"There is so much to it and also a tremendous amount of emotion that comes along with it all," she explained. 

For those of you not in the loop, Bushnell and her country singer husband welcomed their first child, Dutton Walker Lane, on June 8, 2021. 

The doting husband and the new father took to his Instagram to break the news of their son's arrival. He shared he loved every moment of fatherhood. 

But there were two things that he found especially amazing — watching his son change and watching his wife as the mother of his child.