Politician Larry Elder and conservative commentator Alexandra Datig first met at a party at the Playboy Mansion in the early 2000s. Though the duo didn't hit it off instantly, they got into a relationship in early 2010. 

In 2013, The Larry Elder Show host proposed to Datig, and the pair got engaged. Their engagement, however, didn't last long. At the moment, neither of them revealed their split or the reason behind it.

But on August 19, 2021, Elder's ex-fiancée dropped a bombshell regarding the reason behind their separation during an interview with Politico

Alexandra Datig’s Side of the Story

Datig talked at length about the actual reason she broke off her 18-month engagement with Elder. By her accounts, the cause was a heated argument, where the conservative show host pointed a gun at her. 

“He was in the bedroom, and I was standing by the door,” Datig shared before disclosing that an angry Elder walked over to the nightstand and took out his .45 pistol.

Reportedly, Elder checked if the gun was loaded and made sure Datig saw it all. In light of her fiancé's behavior, Datig feared for her life and de-escalated the argument. 

To her dismay, Elder threatened to throw her out on the street. The former radio show producer walked out of the room and locked herself in the bedroom out of fear. 

After the incident, Datig was admittedly scared to live with Elder. So she decided to break up with him, but the separation wasn't as easy as she thought. Elder's assistant pressured her to sign a non-disclosure and separation agreement.

Over the years, she kept her silence because of the agreement. But as Elder entered politics and started gaining momentum to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in California for the governorship race, she spoke out. 

Datig claimed, "If Larry Elder becomes the governor of the state of California, it will be a disaster."

Other than the gun incident, the Los Angeles political activist also alleged Elder of being insistent. For example, she recounted he forced her to get a tattoo reading "Larry’s Girl" with the Superman logo. 

Datig agreed and had the tattoo after Elder admitted to getting one for her. But it never happened. Instead, Datig mentioned Elder put up a nude portrait of her with the tattoo in their home for visitors to see. 

She confessed to Politico that she regretted the decision. While Datig condemned the radio host for the mentioned allegation, Elder couldn't disagree more. 

Larry Elder Denied All Accusations

Right after Datig's interview surfaced on the internet, Elder denied the claims through a series of tweets. 

In his first Twitter post, the 69-year-old plainly denied brandishing a gun at anyone. He said he grew up in South Central and claimed to know about such destructive type of behavior. 

He wrote, "It’s not me, and everyone who knows me knows it’s not me. These are salacious allegations."

In his second post, Elder stated the accusations were politics of personal destruction and mentioned he wouldn't dignify such behaviors by responding. 

In his third tweet, Elder simply said he would focus on his job rather than waste his time on such matters. 

Is Larry Elder Married? 

Elder isn't married right now, but he once had a wife. The California native was married to his longtime physician friend. Their marriage lasted for two years before ending in 1994. 

The reason for their divorce is reported to be their different views on having kids. Elder didn't want children, while his wife reportedly wished to expand their family.