Laila Robins has been tearing it up as an actress since the early 1980s. After drama school, she went straight into Hollywood and later into theater.

Having spent most of her life in the theater scene, most of her relationships and connections result from her familiarity with the industry. And her love life is no different.

The actress started dating her husband, Robert Cuccioli, in the early 2000s, and he has since become her partner both on stage and off it.

How Laila Robins Met Her Husband Robert Cuccioli

Robins and Cuccioli first came across one another at a fundraiser at the turn of the century. They met at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's fundraiser event in 2000.

They each sang a song there. "He sang ‘This is the Moment’ from ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and I sang ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters,'" she recalled during an interview with Cape Cod Times in 2015.

Laila Robins with her husband, Robert Cuccioli, in 2010.

Laila Robins with her husband, Robert Cuccioli, in 2010. (Photo: Robert Cuccioli/Facebook)

Sparks flew immediately, and they started dating soon after.

Two years later, they appeared on stage together in Antony and Cleopatra — he played Antony whereas she portrayed the Egyptian queen/his love interest Cleopatra.

Their performance at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in 2002 became one of their most famous yet, and one of the best-remembered shows at the theater. That show also happened to be Cuccioli's first Shakespearean drama, while she had done a few dramas by William Shakespeare before.

A year later, they did Macbeth together at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Since then, they have regularly worked together.

The couple had decided early in their relationship that they would keep their professional and personal lives separate. Even when working on their first stage play together, they did not take the script home and did not bring their real-life romance to work.

Various sources, including IMDb, claim the couple is married. However, there is nothing substantial to corroborate this claim.

As of 2015, they lived together in Manhattan. As of September 2022, they have been together for over 22 years.

Do Laila Robins and Robert Cuccioli Have Kids?

Despite being together for so long, making countless public appearances, and giving countless interviews, neither Robins nor Cuccioli has ever brought up topics about kids. Nothing available on the internet suggests they have kids, either.

Their social media pages, especially Facebook, are also void of anything hinting at the couple having children, even though they are fairly active on the platform.

The two, who are both associate artists of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, travel frequently for work. And it's not just the US they roam, but also Europe.