Netflix's hit reality show Cheer is all the rage on the internet.

With all the drama unfolding between the cheerleading team at Navarro Junior College, officially and affectionately known as the Bulldogs Cheer team, no one has to wonder why. 

As with most reality shows, there is a standout cast: La'Darius Marshall, in this case. 

La'Darius Marshall Leaving Cheerleading for Good

When the second season of the show was nearing its halfway mark, it appeared as though Marshall was putting both the show and his career as a cheerleader behind him, as per Cosmopolitan's reports.

He announced his exit in a dramatic fashion while making a statement: 

I did my time. I've cheered with the best of them. I can't be killing my body anymore. I'm tired. My body is dead and burnt out.

He later clarified that apart from the physical toll that cheerleading had taken on him, there was a personal toll that he supposedly suffered at the hands of his coach, Monica Aldama. 

La'Darius Marshall Exposed the Bulldogs

More recently, he came over on Instagram live to spill the beans on what really transpired behind the scenes and exposed the hypocrisy that went on at the Bulldogs Cheer Team. 

Right off the bat, in the first two minutes of his stream, he accused the coach of being racist. He recalled how his former teammate, Sam, was abusing narcotics while on the team. 

While a Black individual would have been kicked off the team, the coach knowingly let it slide under the pretense of his mother's death.

Then he recalled how he wouldn't have been cut the same slack when his uncle passed away some time prior. 

La'Darius Marshall & His Feud with Kailee

For the longest of time, the running story was that Marshall's exit was, in part, motivated by his supposed feud with Kailee, which in turn turned into a feud with Aldama. 

As per Stylecaster's reports, Kailee's side of the story claimed that Marshall gave her one of his dogs to adopt, whereas Marshall claimed that he just wanted her to look after the dog until the end of the semester. 

She told the producers that Marshall threatened her at her residence and even warned that he would kick down the door if she didn't return the dog.

At the same time, Marshall claimed that he only knocked three times and never threatened her.

Aldama sided with Kailee on this one and voiced her severe disappointment at Marshall's actions while on the show.

During his recent live session, Marshall outed that the situation with the dog was blown out of proportions just so that the show would have a somewhat justifiable reason to cite his exit. 

He even claimed that he and Kailee were totally fine after the whole incident. She knew she was just watching his dog. 

La'Darius Marshall with his two dogs

La'Darius Marshall with his two dogs (Source: Instagram)

La'Darius Marshall Blew the Whistle

Apart from clearing the air on that front, he blew the whistle on the Bulldogs' initiation rituals, which included putting peanut butter on people's privates and having other people lick them off. 

He further accused several other members, including the assistant coach Andy, Kapena, and TT, of doing drugs, either independently or with the athletes. 

He accused the coach of physically abusing people and even choking people, amongst other things. Check out the whole 35-minute long session below.