Kym Whitley is an American comedian and actress best known for Deliver Us From Eva, The Parkers, Black Dynamite, Young & Hungry, and The Boondocks

The comedian has always been candid about her relationship history and love life. Here is everything we know about her dating history. 

Kym Whitley's Almost Husband 

Whitley's first true love was late R&B singer Gerald Levert. The pair grew up together in Cleveland, Ohio, and were together throughout their childhood. 

They lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school. They were friends for a while, but it was not long before their friendship developed into a romantic relationship. 

Unfortunately, Whitley's parents disapproved of the duo when they got together. They did not have any strict restrictions for their daughter, except Whitley could not date a musician. 

Levert's whole family was into music, so the pair did not properly date and hung out as friends for years. Whitley talked about her "first true love" on the podcast Two Funny Mamas with Sherri Shepherd. 

On the podcast, Whitley claimed that the R&B singer wrote songs about her. His 80s hit single 'Addicted to You' was dedicated to her and was inspired after the duo's phone call. 

One day, Levert called her and confessed he was addicted to her. The couple started talking on the topic, and the comedian said that it was a song. As a result, the singer made the song 'Addicted to You.'

Although the duo loved each other, they could not make a stable relationship. Levert told her, "There can only be one star in this family."

It hurt Whitley deeply, realizing that he needed a wife at home and not an actress. The pair did not get to date but remained close for many years. Finally, Levert moved on to other women, and Whitley had a fiancé. 

Whitley's engagement broke off after Levert told Sister 2 Sister Magazine that the comedian was his one true love. Regardless, the two did not get together and did not marry other people as well.

Levert died in 2006 after an overdose of prescription medication and over-the-counter medicines. However, Whitley truly believes that the singer would be her husband if he were still alive to date. 

Kim Whitley's Other Relationships 

Whitley was in a relationship with Rodney Van Johnson for a brief period. The pair adopted a son, Joshua, in January 2011, but there was a controversy regarding Whitley and Johnson. 

Many believed that Joshua was their biological child and not adopted. Whitley said that the pair were not intimate with each other, but Johnson noted otherwise. 

The comedian also stated that the pair would never be together as a couple. However, Whitley referred to him as her Hollywood husband, and the two currently seem to be on good terms. 

In an interview with The Real Daytime in May 2020, she revealed she was quarantined with her "baby daddy" amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Initially, Johnson's girlfriend stayed with him, and Whitley was also on good terms with her. 

Despite the lockdown, Whitley had an active love life. She was active on online dating and even went on a social distancing date with a guy. The two went to the Starbucks drive-through in their own vehicles. 

He bought her coffee, and then the pair went to an empty parking lot where they sat in their cars and enjoyed their drinks. The comedian admitted she loved the date a lot and would do it again. 

However, she is yet to reveal who the mystery man is.