On February 14, 2022, love was in the air, and folks got into their Valentine's Day spirit even though it fell on a Monday. 

Social media was flooded with bouquets, candies, plenty of heart emojis, and mushy love letters and tributes. 

Naturally, several celebrities took to social media on the special day and posted loving messages to their significant others. 

Actor and gym instructor Taylor Vasek paid tribute to his other half, Clint Morris. Vasek posted a video of him and Morris doing all kinds of activities. 

And in the caption, he wrote, "here's to annoying you more and getting hangry at you less - happy v day sweets."

But it wasn't his post that raised his fans' eyebrows. In the comments section, his former boyfriend, Kyle Krieger, popped up. 

Taylor Vasek's Valentine's Day Post

Taylor Vasek's Valentine's Day Post with Kyle Krieger's comments (Source: Taylor Vasek/Instagram)

Krieger joked he was praying for Clint but later added that he was happy for Vasek. It is unconfirmed when the break up between the former lovers happened.

But on October 18, 2021, Vasek paid tribute to his boyfriend in honor of his birthday with a carousel on Instagram. 

Krieger's comment on Valentine's day post suggests the exes are on friendly terms. 

Kyle Krieger Dating Someone after Split with Taylor Vasek

It looks like Vasek isn't the only one who has moved on. 

Like Vasek, the Single All the Way director, too, paid a tribute to his significant other in the spirit of Valentine's Day. 

He posted a video and tagged Ben Fitch, with whom he seems to be in a relationship for quite some time now. 


A post shared by Kyle Krieger (@kylekrieger)

Fitch first appeared on Kreiger's social on September 4, 2021.

Krieger had uploaded a carousel of Fitch holding a bouquet, but he did not tag him nor reveal his identity. 

The director only revealed his identity in a September 28 post. 

Kreiger uploaded a photo of his boyfriend and revealed that he and his boyfriend and best friend had come in first in a triathlon

After that, Fitch regularly made appearances on Krieger's Instagram. It was unconfirmed when they started dating, but as of late 2020, Krieger and Vasek were still together. 

Kyle Krieger and Taylor Vasek's Relationship

In July 2020, the duo opened up about their relationship while doing a boyfriend tag video for Krieger's YouTube channel. 

They had met at a charity event that the director hosted. Vasek shared he found Krieger very handsome but shorter than he expected. 

He added Krieger was easy to talk to and fun to be around and "a little full of [himself]." Meanwhile, Krieger found Vasek very "chaotic."

Both of them could tell they were into each other the first few times they met. 

The couple also talked about their first trip as a couple. 

They were planning to fly over to meet Krieger's dad but ended up driving back home because Vasek could not handle the flying. 

Vasek also shared that it was during the trip he realized he was in love with Krieger. 

The duo talked more about each other at length and seemed to be having fun.