"That man wakes up with a smile on his face, and he comes home with a smile on his face...it makes me want to go after my dreams, too," Kyle Juszczyk's wife, Kristin Juszczyk, said of her husband. 

Understandably, being married to an NFL athlete comes with its own set of compromises in life, most notably the drifting roots.

An NFL player's immediate family — usually wife and kids — quite literally have to shift homes with the season, the football season, that is. 

However, leaning into the inspiration she got from her husband and the entrepreneurial spirit of her own family, Kristin has managed to craft a career, a brand of her own. 

Kyle Juszczyk with his wife, Kristin Juszczyk

Kyle Juszczyk with his wife, Kristin Juszczyk (Source: Instagram)

Kyle Juszczyk Career Choices Kept Things Relatively Stable

Although Kyle's career choices have kept the couple relatively grounded in one location for more than a couple of years at a time, they still move around more than your average family. 

Since starting his NFL career, Kyle has been with just two teams. He'd been with the Baltimore Ravens, who drafted him in 2013 for four years. 

Then, in 2017 when he became a free agent, the Niners signed him to a four-year deal that the team and later re-upped for another five years.

"We are bouncing all over the place, and everyone's life is so different," Kristin told Niners Nation back in October 2021. 

The Dilemma of Being an NFL Wife

Kristin also told the publication that being the wife of an NFL player meant that if she wanted to have a career, she would have to start something on her own. 

That makes sense because one can't really expect their employer to grant them the flexibility of just going in for the football season.

"A lot of people have homes elsewhere, not where they play for their team," she explained. "So it's definitely tough navigation for your career path for the women."

Way back when, Kristin was a licensed real estate agent in Maryland. So, she considered dipping her toes in the West Coast real estate scene. 

But that meant she'd have to go through the hassle of going through the course and license procedure to procure another real estate license. 

When she asked herself if she wanted to go through with it, the answer was a resounding no. So, she naturally fell back on something she was always passionate about — fashion. 

Kyle Juszczyk's Wife on Starting Her Own Business

"Most of the members in my family are all entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses," Kristin said, and drawing from that tradition, she decided to start what came to be known as Origin. 

Founded in 2018, Origin is an online women's clothing brand. The brand had to be built to be exclusively online because she needed to be ready to move at the drop of a hat.

As per its website, the boutique brand aspired to cater to its customers with the "perfect mixture between femininity and streetwear." 

That being said, the name Origin was actually a tribute to Kristin's mother, Gini Arceri.