Kyle Hansen and Heather deCaussin, the couple behind the entertaining technology and pc gaming contents  on Bitwit, a tech channel, split sometime around the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. They had been together for a long time, and the split surely wasn’t easy for either of them.

However, life goes on. And after their split, they are now ready to move on from their past and focus on other things.


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Kyle Hansen and Wife Split After a Long Time

Hansen and deCaussin met each other in 2010. Since then, they have had a great relationship. The couple got married via a wedding ceremony held in Big Bear Lake in California in 2015. But things started to go downhill at the tail end of 2020.

They split up and took some time off from YouTube. Hansen was the first one to give everyone an update on his life.

After a month's hiatus from Bitwit, Hansen uploaded a video on the channel titled 'I'M BACK!! Big Announcement: NEW YouTube Channel!' The video, uploaded on January 25, 2021, provided insight into his recent hiatus and the future of the channel and himself.

He began the video by explaining what caused him to take a break, his personal issues with his former wife being one of them. He thanked everyone who had his back during the difficult time.

He further revealed that he got some time to reflect on his goals for the new year. And on that topic, he announced his plans for a new reaction and vlog YouTube channel called ‘wrkhrs3’ and a new Twitch channel of the same name as a means to start fresh.

Hansen then said he would be putting a lot of effort into growing the new channel, which meant a reduction in content on Bitwit. But he assured fans that BItwit was still going to be continued.

deCaussin followed up with her own personal update. Hers, too, was through a video on her YouTube channel, but it was a lot shorter than Hansen’s.

She began the video by addressing why she had not been active on social media. Acknowledging her divorce, she thanked her family, friends, and fans for all their support. She also said that separation from Hansen had been one of the most difficult things in her life.

Then, disclosing that she was in a new place, she discussed her plans to experiment with the channel while still keeping her cooking content intact. However, she only uploaded a few videos and didn't continue the channel later.

Ending the video, deCaussin expressed her curiosity about seeing where this new chapter in her life could take her.

Kyle has moved on for good

Both Hansen, bitwitkyle, and deCaussin have moved on. And that shows in their work online. Hansen seems to be more invested in his YouTube game. He has been very active on both his channels since announcing his divorce.

His content is basically the same on Bitwit, with the more experimental ones appearing on wrkhrs3, ranging from travel to reaction. He also sells brand merch including drinkware, mats, t-shirts to accessories through his website Bitwit Tech

In addition, he also dyed his hair pink and put himself up for roast on Reddit.

In December 2022, Kyle came to the media spotlight after rigging up a pc with Raedeo RX 6800 XT and Rayzen 5 5600X for less than what it took to purchase 4080 at MSRP and proving to NVIDIA, like many others are doing, that their pricings of 40 series of graphics card are not realistic and objective

What happened to Kyle Hansen's former wife Heather deCaussin? Where is she now?

deCaussin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that invested in YouTube for now. Since her personal update video, she only posted three other videos.

One of them was her new house tour, another was a dairy-free risotto recipe, and the last one was her five tips for managing anxiety and depression

And now, her channel seems totally disbanded with several old videos also deleted. 

But she has adjusted well to life post-divorce. It is also exciting to witness her going on a new journey of personal growth. Yes, she is in a relationship and has also opened a new company Skyring Travel, which provides custom luxury-based vacations for adventure lovers. 

As an avid traveler born in Los Angeles, deCaussin always enjoyed meeting people, traveling, and diverse culinary cultures. She finally decided to pursue her passion after visiting the "charming" town of Juifen in Taiwan and exploring the place's cuisine and beauty, especially when the town was brightened up with red lanterns after the sunset. 

On her website, she explains the reason why her company, @skyringtravel, provides vacation planning services tailored to customers' individual desires and needs. She says,

They have an adventurous spirit and insatiable desire to explore the world but are so busy with giving of themselves, their desire gets squashed and they get intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of researching and planning the vacation of their dreams. That’s where I come in. I bring my caring, nurturing spirit, and my exceptional planning and listening skills to the travel design process. I combine this with my insider network of international connections to deliver travel experiences that hit it out of the park for my clients

Who is Kyle Hansen's Ex-wife dating now?

If you didn't know, deCaussian is now in a relationship with her boyfriend, who has a daughter from his past relationship. And she has blended well with the family of her new partner, whose name remains unrevealed as of now.

How old is Kyle Hansen?

As of writing, Hansen, who stands at 5 feet and 6 inches, is 34 years old. He was born in the United States on 9 October 1988. Before fame, he was running another channel called AwesomeSauceNews on Youtube. His first video was named “Look Ma, My First Video! AwesomeVlog (001)."