27-year-old Kurtis Conner, renowned as a stand-up comedian, YouTuber, and former Viner, has as many as 50 tattoos all over his body. The intriguing thing is, he wants to add more to that number.

The best way to sum up his love for the tattoos is: they are core to his brand, whether he’s roasting terrible pieces or vowing to get a design in exchange for retweets. He even worked in (temporary) tattoos — as the Head of Video at Inkbox — before eventually pursuing his content creation career full-time.

So, if you're in for a ride to learn further about Conner's tattoos and the stories behind them, head on!

Kurtis Conner’s First Tattoo

During a conversation with Inside Out's Erica Salvalaggio in November 2019, Conner talked about some of his most beloved tattoos, including his first tattoo on his forearm.

According to him, his first tattoo was "an orca whale" on his forearm, which was inspired by his favorite movie Free Willy. "Free Willy is my favorite movie and when we were kids, my sister and I used to watch it all the time at our grandparent’s house, so it was a nice sentimental thing to get," he added. 

He also said the tattoo was really big for a first tattoo, but he was not nervous about getting it because he was accompanied by his sister. He revealed she already had three or four pieces and, at the time, got a matching one with him.

Conner later confessed that he thought tattoos were cool while growing up. However, he had never planned on getting one himself. Even when he had his first ink done, he felt it would be the last, but "I think I have around fifty" now.

Kurtis Conner Shares a Tattoos with Girlfriend Jenna Allard

The internet star has been in a longtime relationship with his girlfriend Jenna Allard since 2014.

Honoring his love, Conner has had several matching 'couple' tattoos with her. During the previous interview, he recalled an instance when the two got inked together for their anniversary.

"...we picked tattoos for each other to get, but we didn’t know what the other person chose until the tattoos were done," he shared. In the end, he ended up having two wine glasses as a tattoo, whereas she got inked two green onions.

They also have matching heart tattoos that say ‘ILYSB,’ matching tomatoes on a vine that say ‘cinque,’ and $10 tattoos that say ‘Vegas,’ which they made when they were in Vegas.

Is There Any Questionable Tattoo?

Among his fifty-plus tattoos, Conner has a tattoo he particularly does not regret but wishes he had put in some other place. In the long interview about his tattoos, he disclosed he had a little bomb tattoo for $20 in Vegas, which is inked right next to his plane tattoo.

He said the two tattoos weren't related at all, but he "definitely doesn’t want an airport security person to see it."

With all those tattoos, Conner also shared a piece of advice for people interested in getting tattooed, asking them to think of things they liked, were passionate about, and made them happy. He also suggested people not go too complex for their first tattoos.