Kristin Cavallari has officially moved on from her ex-husband Jay Cutler!

According to TMZ, the American television personality has found herself a new beau, and the fling is no less than two months old. The magazine also revealed that the relationship thus far is pretty casual and low-key. 

Kristin Cavallari & Chase Rice Are Keeping It Casual

The outlet learned from their sources that Cavallari has been dating Chase Rice for the better part of the last two months. Apparently, the 34-year-old has been seeing the country singer quite often in an attempt to get to know each other. 

The source noted that the two of them might be smitten with one another. It was also revealed that the duo first came in contact with each other through a mutual friend in Nashville, where both of them have been known to spend a lot of their time.

Although the reported couple seems to have hit it off, their relationship hasn't been made exclusive. The publication also explicitly stated that the country star had not been introduced to Cavallari's kids as of their reporting, which is understandable.

During an appearance on the Scrubbing In podcast, the reality star had stated that she would only introduce her kids to the guy she marries next.

Kristin Cavallari Had a Short Fling Before Chase Rice

Prior to Rice, Cavallari was shortly associated with Jeff Dye, although neither came out with their fling. Regardless, TMZ released photographs that saw the businesswoman sharing a kiss with the comedian during their Mexican getaway. 

The publishing house also revealed that the two were all over each other in Cabo San Lucas, where they were caught kissing, hugging, and laughing constantly. Apparently, the only break they took from the PDA was when they were sipping their drinks. 

Evidently, Cavallari was all for downplaying her fling with the comedian as her social media chronicled only herself and her friends having a blast down south and failed to mention anything about her then-boyfriend. 

While their Mexican vacation dates back to December 2020, Cavallari and Dye were first seen together in October of the same year. But, even then, they were seen making out.

They made headlines for being in Nashville in November and again at Craig's in Los Angeles. 

Kristin Cavallari Got Divorced in April Last Year

Cavallari and ex-husband Cutler filed for divorce in April 2020 after being married for the better part of a decade. The two welcomed three children during the course of their marriage: Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor.

While she was on the Scrubbing In podcast, the mother of three said that she wanted to date and have fun, but she was also in love with where she was in her life.

She also confessed to knowing how to keep a secretive relationship while dating in the spotlight. However, as evident from the aforementioned revelations, her know-hows aren't as airtight as she had originally hoped.