On August 23, NEON films revealed the first look of Spencer, a biopic about Princess Diana that stars Kristen Stewart, at CinemaCon.

The Pablo Larraín-directed film will chronicle three days in the princess’s life where she will be seen celebrating Christmas with the royal family.

It also shows the moment she decides to divorce her husband, Prince Charles (played by Jack Farthing), amid rumors of affairs.


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The riveting footage, which is not available for the public yet, showed Stewart, an uncanny replica of Diana, in a tense exchange with Farthing. They were arguing about the media’s scrutiny, over a pool table in the Sandringham royal estate drawing-room. 

Besides the sneak peeks, NEON films also released the first poster from Spencer, showing the beloved princess cowering in her iconic wedding dress. 

The Princess Diana movie release date is set for November 5, 2021.

But before that, a handful of audiences will get to see the movie at its highly anticipated world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 3. 

Kristen Stewart on Playing Princess Diana

As excited as Stewart is to portray the famous Princess of Wales, she noted that the role definitely came with its own set of challenges and that she was taking her new part seriously.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Stewart opened up about taking on the iconic role.

She noted that, like most people, she felt the princess was “one of the most beloved figures in the history of the world,” even though she was really young when the princess passed away. 

It’s hard not to feel protective over her. She was so young ... everyone’s perspective is different, and there’s no way to get everything right ... what is the fact in relation to personal experience.

When asked if she was getting the famous haircut or wearing a wig, the actress confirmed that they would do everything they could to get her “architectural hair” right. 

And while Stewart admits that the role could be daunting, she shared playing the princess was one of the most exciting roles she’s ever done. As for prepping for the role, the actress did a lot of research and reading to not just play the character but get to know the princess implicitly. 

She revealed that emulating her voice and accent was difficult because it was so distinct, but she worked with a dialect coach to perfect it. 

It looks like her hard paid off because, according to reports, the 31-year-old actress nailed Princess Diana’s whispery tone and accent. 

Other Details about The Princess Diana Movie


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The film is produced by Juan de Dios Larraín (Jackie) for Fabula Films, Jonas Dornbach and Janine Jackowski (Toni Erdmann) for Komplizen Film and Paul Webster (Atonement) for Shoebox Films. British screenwriter Steven Knight, best known for Peaky Blinders, wrote the movie’s script. 

Joining Stewart and Farthing will be Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins, and Sean Harris, who have all been cast in undisclosed roles. 

Meanwhile, German model and actress Olga Hellsing will play Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, while Thomas Douglas will play Diana’s father, Earl John Spencer.