Kristen Johnston has never married. But she has had a long-lasting, painful marriage-like relationship in the past.

Not with a person, though. With drugs.

The 3rd Rock from the Sun actress, who got into drug addiction after her acting days on the show, has always been open about her marriage with drugs and with a human partner.

Kristen Johnston on Having Drugs as Her Partner

"Abusive" marriage was how Johnston described her relationship with drugs. It was all during and after her fame reached unmanageable levels with great success of 3rd Rock from the Sun between 1996 and 2001.

"It was like an on-off relationship for four years," she said about the experience during an appearance on Elizabeth Vargas' Heart of the Matter podcast in March 2021 (via People). And it only got worse after the show ended at the turn of the century.

She could hide her addiction and her depression for a while. But it eventually turned into a marriage.

"I was able to keep a lid on it for a couple of years, and then we became married, me and my opiates," she said. "a couple of years after 3rd Rock, and it was a very, very abusive relationship."

She was terrified of the attention she got, and it only exacerbated her drug abuse. It wasn't until years later, in 2006, that her body gave her a cracking reminder of how bad her condition was.

While doing a play in London, she felt something rip inside her. She didn't hear the tearing, but she felt it.

"It was like an impact. I was peeing — and I had struggled peeing — and so I was pushing and that’s what finally gave her the old rip," she told Entertainment Weekly of the incident. The ulcer caused her to drop out of her play, Love Song, and be hospitalized, but she returned to complete the play later.

She sobered up in 2007 and has remained so since. She has kept herself off alcohol and drugs despite going almost broke, losing her two dogs, and being dropped by her agents because she wasn't making them enough money.

Kristen Johnston on Marriage and Getting a Husband

Johnston got away from the shackles of an abusive marriage with drugs, and she had to work hard for it. It seems like she isn't even going to get into a marriage with a human.

The actress has expressed her opinions about getting married multiple times on Twitter. One of those times was in 2015.

On May 1, 2015, she sent out a tweet saying she had never been interested in getting married. "I've honestly never been interested in it, don't see the point, other than tax break," she wrote in the tweet.

Kristen Johnston speaks her mind about having a partner and getting married.

Kristen Johnston speaks her mind about having a partner and getting married. (Photo: Kristen Johnston/Twitter)

She even called marriage a primitive practice in one of her older tweets from 2013 while also supporting everyone's right to get married.

"I don't personally care about marriage. It's not for me. However, I believe ANY human being, regardless of their sexual orientation, should have the right to marry if they choose to," she expressed in her tweet on March 26, 2013. "Government has NO RIGHT to in dictate whether or not private citizens should marry."

Responding to replies from one user, she further expressed that she felt nuptials were an "outdated custom" and said that marriage was not for her while still keeping an open mind about it.

However, this is not to say she has never had any romantic partners, though. In the 1990s, she went out with Ryan Reynolds and even described him as a "great guy." Their relationship lasted from August 1999 to January 2000.

Other than Reynolds, she was also linked to David Newsom in 1996, but no other details about that relationship are available.

As someone who dislikes online dating, Johnston probably will keep everyone guessing even if she ever gets a romantic partner.