Kimberley Walsh is living her best life with her husband and children.

Walsh, famously known for being part of the girl group Girls Aloud, has been married to her partner for six years. The pair have been together since the early 2000s.

Similarly, the duo has been blessed with three sons over the past two decades of being together. Here is everything about Walsh and her adorable family. 

Kimberley Walsh and Her Husband, Justin Scott 

Like Walsh, her husband, Justin Scott, is also equally involved in the entertainment and music industry. He was born in Ireland and later moved to Bristol when he was young. 

But after he was old enough, he moved to London to pursue a career in music. Just as he wished, Scott became a heartthrob among youngsters.

Kimberley Walsh posing for a picture with her husband and kids

Kimberley Walsh posing for a picture with her husband, Justin Scott, and children. (Source: Instagram)

This especially happened after Scott joined a band named Triple 8 in 2003. Triple 8 was dubbed the British version of the American band NSYNC.  

2003 was a monumental year for Scott. Not only did his rock and pop boy band form, but he also met the love of his life, Walsh. 

Girls Aloud and Triple 8 were signed to the same label, Polydor Records. As a result, the record label played the role of an unintentional cupid and helped Walsh and Scott meet.

Specifically, the two met while the bands were doing a gig in 2003. And they have been together ever since. 

After a decade of dating each other, Scott went on one knee in November 2014. Almost two years later, the pair tied the knot on January 30, 2016.

Kimberley Walsh and her husband Justin Scott on their wedding day

Kimberley Walsh and her husband, Justin Scott, on their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

They had a lavish wedding on the West Coast of Barbados. The entire celebration was for three days, and the pair got married with a traditional church wedding ceremony. 

Their marriage ceremony was held at St. James Parish Church, and the reception was held at The Cliff restaurant.

Walsh's bandmates from Girls Aloud — Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Nicola Roberts — also attended the wedding.

Alongside their nuptials, the couple and their guests celebrated the wedding by swimming with turtles and a sunset catamaran cruise.

Kimberley Walsh and Her Children 

Walsh and her husband welcomed their first son, Bobby, before they were married in 2014. Scott proposed to his partner when Bobby was two months old. 

Therefore, Bobby fully got to enjoy his parents' wedding. A couple of weeks after the wedding, Walsh found out that she was pregnant with her second baby.

The singer posing with her three children

The singer posing with her three children. (Source: Instagram)

She revealed it in June 2016 and said she and her husband were "over the moon." But, surprisingly, before Walsh took the pregnancy test, she knew she was expecting a baby.

She had no hints that she was pregnant like morning sickness, but "telltale changes" in her body made her believe she was expecting once again.

The pregnancy test confirmed her speculation, and Walsh told her husband, "'You're going to be a daddy again!" They welcomed their second son on December 15, 2016.

Four years later, Walsh revealed she was expecting a third baby in December 2020. She secretly gave birth to her son, Nate, in May 2021.