Kid Ink, whose real name is Brian Todd Collins, has been happily married to his wife, model Asiah Azante Collins, since 2016.

But their love story began a long time before that.

Speaking on The Real Daytime in October 2017, the couple revealed they had been together for over nine years at the time.

Together since High School

"How long you guys been together?" the hosts immediately asked. Responding to that, Collins said, "We've been together nine years."

Kid Ink and his wife Asiah Azante flaunting their matching black outfits.

Kid Ink and his wife Asiah Azante flaunting their matching black outfits. (Photo: Instagram)

They got married after almost close to a decade of romance, and they have known each other since they were in the same high school.

"But we had high school together," she added. "[We've known each other] since high school."

At that time, the rapper was about 16-year-old, while his wife was a year younger than him.

"I drove my 1972 Chevy Nova which was my first car I got when I was 16," he recalled his teenage days during the conversation. He then revealed, "She remembers when I first got it [the car]."

Kid Ink continued to share that his wife also remembered the rapper getting his first tattoo at the age of 16. His first tattoo, a full arm star, was inked on his left hand.

Kid Ink Got Engaged to Wife in 2015

After years of dating, the rapper and his then-girlfriend Azante got engaged in June 2015.

He reportedly popped the question while on tour overseas; and later made the big news public via Instagram, posing a massive diamond ring.

His wife, who is a fitness model, also expressed her happiness over the engagement, writing, "I'm the happiest girl in the universe."

In her Instagram post, she further said, "@kidinkbatgang I love you with all my heart!!! From a 15 year old girl to a 26 year old woman you've always had my heart we were always meant to be… I'll love you like none other ever could FOREVER baby!"

During a chat with Hot 97 in 2014, Kid Ink had said that he was waiting for the right time to propose.

"I feel like it's not just getting married and getting a ring," he stated. "I feel like it's a lifestyle you have to live when you become engaged and become married."

Married Secretly and Later Had Two Kids

Kid Ink and Azante had an intimate wedding in the presence of close friends and family members in Hawaii sometime in 2016.

The couple exchanged the vows standing right in front of the sea, wearing matching white outfits.

The rapper was even caught crying as he read his vows to his wife. In a tearful voice, he said, "We have come a long way. I have known you since high school, even though you were not my high school sweetheart and you know, we didn't kick it every day."

"We still had a great bond. Like, there were days when we didn't even talk or see each other and still wondering and checking in," he said, thanking her for standing with him even in his tough times.

While they walked down the aisle, they were accompanied by their little daughter, whom they had welcomed the same year.

Fast forward to the present, and they now have two kids from their marriage. Their second child was born in February 2020.