How would you like to get a nickname for doing something too much? And how would it be if it was for talking to your wife too often?

Kevin Jonas has a special nickname for doing just that — talking to his wife more than usual. And that, too, when they were not physically around one another.

Kevin Jonas Got a Special Nickname during His 2021 Tour

Kevin is one of the three Jonas brothers. He and the other two — Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas — are usually either making music or performing around the world.

But they also have private lives with their partners. And keeping those two aspects of life balanced, one should assume, must be a big task.

Kevin has his methods down, though. His trick in keeping his personal life with his wife, Danielle Jonas, is maintaining constant communication.

But, their time communicating sometimes becomes a bit too much, like during the brothers' Remember This tour in 2021.


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"We just constantly were able to communicate," he said of their phone calls during the tour during an interview with People in March 2022.

It even got to the point where both of them wondered what more could they talk about just an hour after a two-hour phone call.

Because of these constant phone calls, people gave him a nickname during the tour — KT&T — a play on the name of the telecom company AT&T.

Kevin Jonas and Wife Spend Less Time Away from Each Other

Kevin and Danielle have been married since 2009 — their wedding was on December 19, 2009, at Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York. They got married right as the Jonas brothers were starting to get big in music.

Therefore, Danielle has always dealt with Kevin being away from home. But, the couple has always tried to spend as little time away from one another as possible.

"We really try not to spend that much time apart, no matter what," Kevin told People. They had two-week rules in place in the past and decreased that period over the years.

Kevin has always acknowledged how Danielle has supported him over the years, with family and career.

The pair have two daughters — Alena (born on February 2, 2014) and Valentina (born on October 27, 2016). Despite having young daughters, they still find some alone, romantic time.

Kevin Jonas with his wife Danielle and daughters Alena and Valentina celebrating New Year 2022.

Kevin Jonas with his wife Danielle and daughters Alena and Valentina celebrating New Year 2022. (Photo: Kevin Jonas/Instagram)

They even fly to each other, even if it means only being together for a day.

Their favorite way to spend time together is date nights. "She'll come out and spend one special night in one city with me on tour," he told People in October 2021.

But, just sitting on a couch works, too. "Honestly, some of our favorite times are when we sit on the couch and watch a show that we haven't watched in a while together," he added.

Kevin and Danielle also try to keep their lives as normal as possible for their daughters. And they recently released a book where they talked about their parenthood journeys, called There's a Rock Concert in My Bedroom.