Kelly Overton has a happy marriage now. The True Blood actress even celebrated 18 years together with her husband, Judson Morgan, in March 2022.

However, their marriage has not been without a few hiccups. The biggest of those came in 2012 when it seemed like their relationship was over for good.

They even filed for divorce a few years later. So, what changed?

Kelly Overton Filed for Divorce from Husband Judson Morgan

In July 2014, TMZ became the first to report on Overton and her husband's divorce proceedings.

In their exclusive, the outlet reported she was the one who initiated the separation. She had cited the celebrity go-to "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for divorce.

TMZ played a bit with words and said the actress — who played alpha female werewolf Rikki in True Blood — was "biting the hand that feeds her."

Further, the legal documents stated they had been living separately since 2012.

As for their children, of which they had only one at the time, she asked the court to grant her joint custody.

Overton also asked for spousal support in her filings, which led TMZ to speculate that Morgan was making more money than her.

There is no information on how far the divorce proceedings progressed or if it even took off. However, it's certain that they did not get divorced.

They are still together, and she still celebrates their anniversaries.

But, the interesting thing to note here is, neither of them posts much about one another on their Instagram.

Not that they do not post appreciative posts. But, they do not actually appear on each other's social media that much.

 It's just their kids that are the stars of their accounts.

On March 27, 2022, Overton uploaded a couple of pictures for their 18 years together.

The first picture was of them heel-clicking on a rural road, presumably on their way back home from their wedding. They were in their wedding attires.

The second picture showed their three kids, dressed in white gowns and shirt, walking away on a rural road.

By the looks of it, it was the same road they took their previous picture on.

"How it started. How it's going," she wrote in the caption, mentioning 18 years and three kids in the hashtags.

Kelly Overton and Judson Morgan's Family

Overton and her husband have three kids — two daughters and a son.

Kelly Overton with her three kids whom she had with her husband Judson Morgan.

Kelly Overton with her three kids, whom she had with her husband, Judson Morgan. (Photo: Instagram)

The oldest child, daughter Ever, was born around 2011. She was three years old when Overton first filed for divorce.

Their second kid is daughter Rose. She was born in July 2017 and Overton announced her arrival on July 18, 2017, with an adorable post on Instagram.

Overton and her husband's only son and third kid arrived on earth in September 2019. The couple hasn't talked about his name yet.