Law & Order: SVU star Kelli Giddish leads a notoriously private life — so private that no one knew she had divorced her husband, Lawrence Faulborn, and moved on. 

According to her conversation with Smashing Interviews magazine on October 4, 2021, her husband did not belong in the entertainment industry. 

The actress admitted she purposely avoided dating someone from Hollywood while looking for love.

Surprisingly, Giddish shared that she and her husband had divorced a long time ago. Before her confession, there was no official news about her split with her former spouse. 

However, her Instagram was void of pictures of her husband, which could have been a clue. 

Interestingly, the divorce from her spouse was not the only shocking revelation. 

Giddish disclosed she was already engaged with a new partner. When the interviewer tried to find out who her fiancé was, Giddish just laughed it off and kept mum. 

That being said, she expressed she was "very excited" about her upcoming nuptials.

Kelli Giddish Has Two Kids with Ex Husband

Giddish and Lawrence tied the knot on June 20, 2015. The former couple had an intimate wedding at a beach house in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Only their close family members and friends attended their private wedding.

The bride wore a simple white gown accessorized with a floral crown while the groom donned a breezy white shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Kelli Giddish and her ex husband Lawrence Faulborn.

Kelli Giddish and her husband, Lawrence Faulborn. (Source: Instagram

Just months after exchanging vows, they welcomed their first child, a son named Ludo Faulborn, on October 6, 2015. 

A few months before the birth, Giddish's Law & Order: SVU co-star, Ice T, was the first to break the news about their pregnancy on Twitter.

Warren Leight, another SVU star, also took to Twitter to congratulate the parents.

Three years later, on November 18, the former husband and wife welcomed their second child, Charlie. 

While attending the Tribeca TV Festival in New York City in September, Giddish had confirmed to E! News she was expecting her second child. 

Kelli Giddish's Pregnancies Were Written into 'SVU'

To ensure that Giddish's pregnancies did not affect her role in the NBC drama, her pregnancies were written into the show. 

When Giddish was pregnant with her first son, the show explored a controversial plotline where her character became pregnant by her former commanding officer, Lt. Declan Murphy.

This was during season 17, and Giddish's Amanda Rollins ended up having a daughter. 

Her son also had a cameo in one of the episodes on the show, playing her character's newborn daughter. 

At first, Giddish wasn't sure about letting her son appear on TV because she felt like she was "pimping [her] child out."

But the producers convinced her it would be a cool thing for him when he got older. 

"I'm sure he's going to love that when he gets old enough to realize. He's going to be like, 'Oh, thanks for the pink bow on national television, mom,'" said Giddish. 

Her second pregnancy was written into her season 20 storyline. While Giddish has two sons, her character in the series has two daughters.