Kellen Mond is thankful to his father for supporting his career choice and pushing him each day towards his goal. 

Mond is now a player for the Minnesota Vikings, and he credits his parents for all of his achievements. 

The quarterback takes his father as his inspiration and says he is successful because of his parents' values. 

Who Is Kellen Mond?

Mond is a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. He started playing football at Texas A&M and was a four-year starter for the Aggies.


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In an interview, Mond said the Aggies helped him expand his horizons and helped him grow as a quarterback.

He was selected by Vikings Legend and Pro John Randle, who played collegiately at Texas A&M-Kingsville. 

Kellen Mond and His Parents 

Mond was heavily inspired by his father to play football. He said his father told him stories about Mond getting familiar with football at the young age of 2.

The quarterback always told his mother about wanting to play in the NFL. 

His mother was supportive of his decisions and provided the best for him.

Mond's father, Kevin, is a veteran of the United States Army. His father helped him maintain discipline and taught him to pay attention to details.

His father inspired the quarterback, and he credited his father's military service that taught him to lead by example. 

In an interview with Heavy, he said military guidelines helped him shape his quarterback career, teaching him to be accountable, take ownership of his identity, and maintain control. 

Mond entered A&M in 2017 after preparing himself physically and mentally to become the leader he wanted to be. 

Kellen Mond and his family and friends

Kellen Mond's parents and friends celebrate his selection in the Vikings(Source: Kellen Mond's Instagram)

His father backed his career and supported him from the very beginning. The quarterback had damaged the blinds in his house when he began practicing for Texas A&M. 

His father had said he would not get rid of the blinds until Mond graduated or made it to the NFL. 

Mond speaks highly of his family and doesn't miss a chance to appreciate them. He thanked his parents, who taught him values that helped him succeed in the NFL.

After his selection, the quarterback posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that explained nobody knew his backstory, and he was super happy he achieved his dream of getting into the NFL. 

Kellen Mond and His Girlfriend

Mond and his girlfriend, Kiana LaShun, embrace each other on Instagram. They post pictures of them together often.

His girlfriend also shared a photo of them and captioned it "my better half." She posted a series of pictures, and amongst them was a screenshot.

LaShun shared a message from Mond to her, which mentioned he would miss her and work hard for their future.

Likewise, Mond also shared a picture of his girlfriend and wished her on her birthday.