Keke Palmer has never been the one to give off details about her love life. She usually kept it on the down low, until recently.

The actress, to everyone’s surprise, went Instagram official with her new boyfriend. And they are evidently not shy about showing each other affection on the internet.

Keke Palmer Isn’t Shy about Showing Off Her Boyfriend

Ever since Keke Palmer went Instagram official with her boyfriend Darius Jackson on August 29, 2021 (which also happens to be her birthday), the couple hasn’t stopped posting about one another on the platform.

But it wasn’t Keke who made things official — not explicitly, anyway. It was Jackson who took the courtesy of telling everyone they were officially a thing.

On his birthday post, he called her a “blessing from above” and credited her for showing him all the feelings he hadn’t realized he had in him.

Furthermore, he talked about how they had helped each other through their lowest times and ended the caption by confessing his love to her with those three magical words.

After that, cute uploads about one another on both their social medias has been a constant. On August 31, Palmer posted a video where she tested Jackson on how well he knows her.

On October 3, the actress again put up a post with a lengthy caption. The video showcased the couple having fun, whether that be outside in the open or in their bathroom.

“Apparently it’s National “My Man” Day,” the caption began as she called the moments in the video “divine.” She then went on to detail her feelings about him.

Calling him her best friend, the Hustlers actress expressed that she was happy to get to know him and be able to show that kind of care for someone who wasn’t blood-related.

Johnson also pushed her to be expressive and be herself. Recently, she posted a video where she could be heard talking about herself in what was her freestyle one-woman show.

He pushed her to get into a vibe and just start freestyling, and at the end of the video, they laughed together at how her attempt turned out to be.

Other than these, there are many other cute posts. They have uploads where they are visiting his grandmother, or going to a game together, or just talking and creating comedy skits about zodiac signs, something both of them are really into.

Why Did Keke Palmer Go Instagram Official?

During her sit-down with Tamron Hall on the Tamron Hall Show in November 2021, Palmer revealed exactly what her temperament was regarding relationships before this and why she made it official on social media.

"I'm really one of those people that very much so keep it on the Beyoncé tip of just keeping everything lowkey," the actress confessed. But, it had become too difficult to hide the romance.

So, she decided to not hide something that made her happy and considered important.

Considering how she called herself “single till I’m married” just a few months ago, is she attempting to make Johnson her husband in the near future? Only time will tell.