Keeley Hawes married her ex husband, Spencer McCallum, in December 2001. However, their marriage didn’t last long, and they completed their divorce in 2004.

Still, Hawes and McCallum are still very close, and she says McCallum and his girlfriend are like a family.

When talking to Goodto, Hawes revealed her secret to maintaining an amicable relationship with her ex husband was focusing on their kid.

“I think as long as people concentrate on the children above themselves - which is difficult, I know - maybe that’s the way to make it work,” she shared.

Roughly a year into their marriage, the Bodyguard star and McCallum had welcomed their only child together, son Myles.

And to this day, Myles has kept Hawes and McCallum close to each other.

McCallum and his partner live near Hawes and her current spouse, Matthew Macfadyen. In fact, Hawes shared that McCallum and his girlfriend often babysit for her.

“They are just wonderful, generous human beings who, ultimately, have always put my son and my children first,” Hawes spoke of her ex husband and his partner.

“And I can’t thank them enough, really. I love them, they’re my family, they’re my children’s family.”

Keeley Hawes and Husband Matthew Macfadyen

Hawes is currently married to Succession star Macfadyen. The two first met on the set of MI5 spy drama Spooks in 2002.

She had only been married to McCallum for two months when she realized she was in love with Macfadyen.

Hawes revealed Macfadyen proposed to her out of the blue. “Matthew just came straight out with it and said, ‘I love you’ in the rain one day. I thought, ‘Oh dear, here we go.’”

They tied the knot on October 8, 2004. Their marriage received a lot of media attention.

The reason for the attention was Hawes moving on with Macfadyen not long after her marriage with McCallum ended.

However, Macfadyen doesn’t look at media attention as a bad thing. In fact, he credits his and Hawes’ resilience as a couple for being able to withstand the scrutiny.

Hawes has also taken to Instagram on multiple occasions to show her support for her spouse.

In October 2021, she congratulated the entire Succession team for the series’ success. The post included a picture of herself and Macfadyen attending the BFI London Film Festival.

The actress had also made a post to mark their 15th wedding anniversary in October 2019.

Keeley Hawes with husband Matthew Macfadyen

Keeley Hawes with husband Matthew Macfadyen (Source: Instagram)

“15 years. I’m a very lucky lady,” she captioned, followed by a red heart emoji while posting a picture of herself and Macfadyen.

They Have Two Children

Hawes and her husband are parents of two children. The pair welcomed their first child together, daughter Maggie, just a month after their marriage.

It was revealed in May 2006 that the two were expecting their second child together. Their family grew larger in September 2006, when Hawes gave birth to their son Ralph.

When speaking to Evening Standard, Hawes revealed all three of her kids had a great relationship with McCallum’s parents. She also expressed how grateful she was to them for that.