Kathryn Hahn received a lot of attention in 2021 for her role of Agatha Harkness in WandaVision. Harkness is a witch, who, in order to harness Wanda Maximoff’s magic, disguises herself as Maximoff’s neighbour so she could manipulate Maximoff’s idyllic paradise.

Hahn’s antagonistic portrayal of the character and her sinister plans made her stand out in WandaVision and introduced her to a wider audience. However, as shrewd as her role of Harkness was, her wildest role till date was in the 2008 comedy Step Brothers.

Hahn played Alice Huff in Step Brothers. The movie starred Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The plot centered on the events that take place after Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilley) are brought together as step-siblings after their respective parents get married.

While Brennan and Dale’s interactions throughout the movie are hilarious, what stood out to many was Hahn’s character, Alice. Alice wants to leave her husband, Derek (played by Adam Scott), who is Brennan’s blood brother, for Dale. 

Step Brothers had many scenes which highlighted Alice’s crazy behaviors, including a scene where she makes out with Dale after he knocks Derek out for bullying him and Brennan. During the entire scene, her husband and her kids wait in the car.

Another scene which made Alice one of the most memorable characters in the movie was when she seduced Dale inside the men’s bathroom of a restaurant.

Kathryn Hahn On Improvising For ‘Step Brothers’

While the aforementioned scenes showcase how sinister Alice was in Step Brothers, Hahn has revealed that the movie could have been much darker. Hahn, alongside the other cast members, improvised on the movie a lot and one scenario in particular was so dark that it did not make it to the final cut.

John C. Reilly and I, our story could have been so much darker than what was ultimately on camera. In our bathroom scene, we had planned a murder and a cover-up as away to - it got real dark some of those improvs. But Adam [McKay] really did allow us to go there.

Kathryn Hahn’s Family

Alice is dissatisfied about her relationship with Derek in Step Brothers and acts in a risque manner towards Dale, even in the presence of her kids. However, her family in real life is the polar opposite of Alice’s in the movie.

Hahn has been married to her husband, Ethan Sandler, since January 3, 2002. They have two children together — son Leonard (born October 2006) and daughter Mae (born July 27, 2009).

Hahn previously spoke to Cleveland about her raising children and continuing her busy acting career. Her husband is also an actor, writer, and producer, and the two had to travel often because of the nature of their work.

Mommyhood has just been the best, hardest, most overwhelming thing that’s ever happened to me. The way my husband and I talk ourselves off the guilt cliff is to say, ‘They’re circus kids. They were born into a circus, and we’re a circus family.’

Hahn used to take her kids with her everywhere and says it negated her paycheck. However, despite the expenses of taking her children with her everywhere, the actress noted it was all worth it.