Justin Simmons was a standout athlete at Martin County High School, where he earned All-Area Defensive Player of the Year honors. 

After high school, he enrolled at Boston College.

But before he left for college, he gave his then-girlfriend and wife, Taryn Simmons, a promise ring to let her know he was in it for the long haul. 

The couple had begun dating in their junior year of high school, and during their college years, they were in a long-distance relationship for four years.

It wasn’t easy for them, though, with Simmon stating that they wouldn’t have made it without God or their faith in their relationship.

“The first two years we definitely got tried a lot. I wanted to focus on football and I wasn’t showing her the same attention I was showing her in high school,” said the athlete. 


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But they held it out, and in his junior year of college, Simmons asked for his mother-in-law’s permission for her daughter’s hand. 

In 2016, the couple tied the knot. 

Justin Simmons and Wife Pulled Over by the Cop

That same year, Simmons was selected by the Broncos as the 98th overall pick during the 2016 NFL Draft. 

As an athlete balancing his career and family life, Simmons was naturally away from home most of the time. 

But sometimes his whole family traveled with him. During such travels, the NFL player and his wife encountered an incident that shook his wife.

In 2018, their family was driving back to Broncos training camp from their home in southeast Florida when they got pulled over by the cops. 

Justin Simmons and his wife

Justin Simmons and his wife (Source: Justin Simmons/Instagram)

One police officer asked Simmons’ wife to step out of the vehicle and asked her if everything was ok after pulling her to the side. 

Meanwhile, another one who had his hands on his gun holster approached Simmons, who had placed both hands in front of him on the dashboard. 

The other cop continued to ask Taryn weird questions like, “are you safe?” even after she had told him Simmons was her husband. 

Frustrated and afraid, Taryn revealed Simmons was a safety for the Denver Broncos, and immediately, the officers’ manners changed. 

They let their family go, but they never revealed why they were pulled over. 

“I was shaken up for a long time. What if I had lost him?” said Taryn to Sports Illustrated

Justin Simmons on Being a Girl Dad

Fortunately for Simmons and his family, nothing grave happened that day, and Taryn did not lose her husband and the father of her children. 


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Speaking of children, the couple has two daughters. Their oldest, Laney Rae Simmons, was born in 2018, while their youngest was born in 2021. 

After the birth of his second daughter, the Broncos’ safety opened up about being a father to his two beautiful daughters. 

“Being a girl dad is the best,” Simmons said with a smile. 

The athlete revealed that he appreciated the special relationships father and daughters had thanks to his childhood sports idol, the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant who had five daughters.

When Bryant was alive, he was often asked about his thoughts on having a son to whom he could pass on his athletic talents. 

But Bryant never cared for it and instead passed on his passion for the sport to his daughters. 

“There’s something about investing as a dad, as a man, into your daughter’s life that is just such a special bond. It’s something that is so sacred,” Simmons said.