Justin Long has long been speculated to be dating Kate Bosworth. The alleged couple has never actually confirmed their relationship in public, though.

Amid this, Long has now confirmed that he is in a relationship. More so, he actually confessed to having found "the one" for him.

But did he reveal his girlfriend's name?

Justin Long Confirmed He Is Dating Someone

During his appearance on an episode of The Viall Files with Nick Viall, aired on April 4, 2022, Long confessed a few things about his dating life.

The conversation first began with the two talking about how the first time they did a Q&A on the show together, they were "single bachelors." But now, both of them had girlfriends.

Long then joked that he finally felt like he had "a little bit of authority" in giving out dating advice.

Then, they went into how they had grown in their dating game, and Long said he was finally in a place where he was "comfortable" with himself.

"I was ready for the one," he told Viall. "And the one, I've met, I've found."

Viall reassured Long that they did not have to get into the intricate details of his relationship, but Long continued talking about his feelings at the time. He agreed with Viall when the former said, "You look happy."

The actor talked about how he felt contradictory feelings about revealing things about his relationship. He said he wanted to talk about it, but he also felt "protective" about it.

"I want to scream it from the rooftops, but I also want to be protective. It's sacred," he gushed.

Long was also aware of the risks of oversharing your romance with the world. "In this day and age, you don't have to share everything with everyone," he added, keeping his girlfriend's name a mystery for now.

Even though calling his partner "the one" is a big revelation, this isn't the first time he has confessed to being in a relationship. In December 2021, while talking to Fortune Feimster on his Life Is Short with Justin Long podcast, he mentioned having a girlfriend.

He has not yet mentioned her name anywhere. Fans, though, are already sure "the one" he is talking about is Bosworth.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth — Dating Rumors

Long and Bosworth's rumors first started after their time together working on the movie House of Darkness. After the shooting ended, the actress made an Instagram post appreciating him, among a few other things.

In the post, she called him "a truly spectacular / fun / funny / kind / rare / thoughtful / totally. [expletive]. rad human being." Accompanying the cute caption were a couple of pictures from their time together as castmates.

Justin Long has confessed to be dating "the one" amidst rumors of Kate Bosworth being his girlfriend

Justin Long has confessed to be dating "the one" amidst rumors of Kate Bosworth being his girlfriend. (Photo: Kate Bosworth/Instagram)

Just three months after this, Bosworth announced she was separating from her husband of eight years, Michael Polish.

Since then, Long and Bosworth have been spotted on a couple of dinner dates and have also supported one another in public.